How to Lock 4G Xiaomi – It feels like all the new smartphones coming out now are equipped with 4G LTE features. This also applies to Xiaomi phones that are already on the 4G LTE network for all of their cellphones. The 4G network itself is the best choice because […]

How to hide applications on Xiaomi – For some reason makes us sometimes want to hide some applications on smartphones. The main reason someone hides an application on their smartphone is to maintain privacy. The reason for this privacy is that many of us, especially Mi Fans, might look for […] – How do I restore a lost Play Store on Xiaomi Mobile? For those who experience these problems do not need to worry, because we can reinstall the Play Store so that it can again be used to download or update applications. Play Store is the core of Android […]

How to Check Xiaomi IMEI – IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a sequence of numbers that when we check contains information about the cellphone, starting from the model, brand, year of manufacture, serial number, etc. All cellphones or smartphones must have it, because it can be likened to […]

How to Check Xiaomi Guarantee – Xiaomi smartphones circulating in Indonesia are not fully official warranty. We must know correctly whether the mobile phone that we buy is an official guarantee or not. Because the non-official smartphone warranty or distributor will not be able to be used in Indonesia due […] – How to overcome the slow Xiaomi cellphone? For those of you who experience it, then we will provide a solution. But before that, we must first understand what causes it. There are several causes that make Xiaomi cellphones slow. The main cause is a mediocre smartphone specifications. Each […]