The newest Xiaomi RAM 8GB 2019 – Everyone will want a smartphone that has good specifications but at a low price. To fulfill this desire, there are a number of brands from the country of bamboo curtain which launched several inexpensive smartphones with strong specifications. Like Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi […]

New MIUI Features 12 – It is common knowledge that MIUI is one of the things that is the strength of Xiaomi's cellphone compared to other cellphones or smartphones. How to not use this one user interface is very rich in customization that is very interesting for its users, where […]

Subtitle Download Site – One of the hobbies that many people enjoy doing when they spend their free time is watching movies. Watching movies alone can be done at home or the most cool is certainly watching movies in the cinema with loved ones. The mushrooming of streaming service watching […]