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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Gadgetren – In March 2020 Samsung Electronics Indonesia officially launched its newest flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S20 Series.

As a high-end smartphone, this smartphone line has hardware specifications and attractive features to support daily activities, from powerful performance to sophisticated camera capabilities.

Denny Galant as Head of Product Marketing for IT & Mobile Samsung Electronics Indonesia revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series comes with features specifically designed to make it easier for users to do various activities and enjoy a lot of fun in the world.

“The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series not only offers the latest specifications, but also comes with intuitive software support. The deeper it is explored, the users will find additional innovative features to facilitate their daily lives, “added Denny.

In addition, it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series has “Hidden Features” which can be explored further to make the productivity of its users increase in daily activities.

Live Caption

The Live Caption feature that is present in the Galaxy S20 Series can be used to automatically present captions when the user is enjoying certain media in real time.

For example when a user is watching an English-language video on YouTube, this feature will bring up a transcript or caption directly at the bottom of the screen. To activate this feature, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, users can open applications or menus Settings
  2. On the Settings page, users can choose the menu Accessibility
  3. Furthermore, users can choose the menu Enhanced hearing and activate the feature Live Caption or Text Automatic
  4. After this feature is activated, the user can enjoy automatic transcripts in the video being watched

Instant Recorder Mode in the Camera Application

The camera is one of the advantages possessed by the Galaxy S20 smartphone because it is able to produce photos with good quality in various conditions, both day and night. In the default camera application, usually the user will be directed directly to the button Take Picture when going to take photos.

But apparently this button has many functions, one of which is taking photos and recording videos without having to change the photo mode to video mode. To do this, users simply hold the button Take Picture or Camera longer until it automatically changes to video mode.

You could say this feature is quite useful for users who had wanted to capture the moment in the form of photos, but it turned out to be more exciting to be converted into video. In addition, users can also create GIF images using the Take Picture or Camera button in the following way:

  1. First, users can open the default camera application
  2. Then, the user can open the camera's Settings menu
  3. On choice Wipe the Shutter Edge button, the user can choose the mode Create a GIF
  4. Furthermore, users can wipe the button Take Picture or Camera down
  5. Finally, users can capture moments in the form of GIF images
  6. The results can be directly shared with friends or family through social media or chat applications

Personal Assistant Bixby

Compared to the previous generation, Bixby on the Galaxy S20 Series has improved features and has been optimized to help users more than just a personal system.

There is a Bixby Routine feature that allows users to easily set the vibrate or normal ring mode on the Galaxy S20 Series according to their daily routines, ranging from sports, morning activities, work, night activities, and many more.

In addition, Bixby which is present on the Galaxy S20 Series can be used for a variety of functions consisting of recording important dates on the calendar, turning off notifications for each application, turning off camera sounds, activating flight mode or not disturbing when playing games, and many more again.

Of all the “Hidden Features” that the Galaxy S20 Series has, which features will you use often? Meanwhile, for those of you who want to find out more about the Galaxy S20 Series, you can see it on Samsung Indonesia official site.

But if you are interested in buying this Galaxy S20 Series, then you can see the sales promo through the official site Galaxy Launchpack.


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