25 Best & Newest Lightweight Android Emulator 2020

Lightweight Android Emulator – For those of you who like games on Smart phones but want to play them on a Computer / PC / Laptop device, one way is to use the help of the Andrioid Emulator. With the Android emulator, it will be easier for us to play it. Moreover, some emulators can be easily customized.

Easily the emulator on the PC for kostumiasai will clearly make users more free to play the game controller that will be used. This time, Xiaomidev had the opportunity to give recommendations and reviews on the lightweight Android emulator that must be installed by those of you who like to play Android games on PC devices. Here is a complete list.

1. Memu

The Lightest And Best Android Emulator

In our first list is Memu, where this software has the ability to have an emulator that can be used on a PC. This emulator has a lot of advantages, ranging from attractive user interfaces to its light performance and is also able to perform various performance well. To install Memu also does not require large RAM.

Download it HERE

2. Bluestacks

The next name that must be entered into the list is the name Bluestacks. One of the advantages of this emulator is that it can be used on a PC with 2GB of RAM. Thus, it is not wrong if Bluestacks is included in the list of the best lightweight Emulators thanks to the performance. Its smooth and stable performance is also an advantage of this widely used software.

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Download it HERE

3. KoPlayer

Ko Player

A fairly optimal operating system you can see on this one application, besides that this application also presents several other advantages. User interface that is easy to understand and high customization can also make you more optimal in playing android games on PC devices. This software also supports Intel and AMD besides that the settings are very easy.

Download it HERE

4. NOX

Lightweight And Latest NOX Android Emulator

Nox is one of the android emulator software that is also widely used by users. This does not feel wrong considering that NOX has been supported by joysticks and some other additional console. Optimum performance is added by its lightweight performance which is one of the advantages of NOX as one of the best software in its class.

Download it HERE

5. Andy

Andringan Andy's Android Emulator

Next is emula andy, where this emulator has a very good user interface. In addition, the lightweight size is also one of the advantages of this software. Supporting the operating system wondows and MAC already makes it clear that it has better functionalities. Andy Emualtor also has several other advantages such as features and complete customization.

Download it HERE

6. Droid4K

Free Android Droid4X emulator

The next lightweight Android emulator that might be the right recommendation for you who want to install an android emulator on a PC is Droid4k. This one application is very useful for my friend who wants to play games or run Andrioid functions on a PC. The perfection that is added with an attractive user interface is one of the advantages of this software.

Download it HERE

7. Remix OS Player


The next name that might be an interesting choice for you is Remix Os Player. Where this software has been shown to have an attractive performance with some of the advantages it carries. Remix Os player will also come with a few other advantages, let's say its size is indeed quite friendly.

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Download it HERE

8. GenyMotion


There are lots of software for the best android emulator, one of which is geny motion which can be one of the right choices. Where you can use this software to later install various interesting applications on a PC. This application will also come with several advantages, one of which is already supported by the latest OS.

Download it HERE

9. LeapDroid


One of the best Android emulator on PC that might be the next recommendation is Leapdroid. Where this software is very attractive and is usually used by users to play games like COC and other games. Already supporting the OS up to Kit Kat is an advantage of LeapDroid.

Download it HERE

10. Windroye


Long before some of the emulators above were Windroye, an android emulator that had been around a long time ago. For a clear performance, this Emulator doesn't need to be doubted anymore, Windroye itself is very suitable for PCs or laptops with quite low specifications.

Download it HERE

Other Android Emulator Recommendations

No Application Genre
11 PPSSPP Download it
12 GOLD PPSSPP Download it
13 PrimeOS Download it
14 Xamarin Download it
15 Zenius Download it
16 ARChon Download it
17 Bliss ROMs Download it
18 Youwave Download it
19 Windroye Download it
20 Amiduos Download it
21 FydeOS Download it
22. LDplayer Download it
23. Player header Download it
24 Tencent Gaming Buddy Download it
25 Amiduos Download it

There are some cool android emulators that are certainly very useful for you who want to play various games on an Android device. Where the above application is the best and has been proven to be able to present an attractive performance and is still very good to run on PC devices with 2GB of RAM.

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Before installing the Android Emulator, it is a good idea to pay attention to the PC specs you have. In addition, attention is also the minimum storage needed to provide smoothness when playing the game. Don't forget to keep updating the latest information about the Xiaomi mobile only at XiaomiDev.com everyday.


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