Together with Dian Sastrowardoyo, Samsung Consumer Exploits Galaxy S20 Series


Gadgetren – In order to invite its consumers to remain #GetThroughThisTogether, Samsung Indonesia today held a Workshop on creating creative and inspiring content # WithGalaxyS20.

According to Taufiq Furqan as Samsung Mobile Product Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia revealed that this training can be a positive thing for consumers and the public so they don't get bored at home.

The workshop that aired on Samsung Indonesia's YouTube channel also presented Dian Sastrowardoyo as #TeamGalaxy who shared his experiences using the Galaxy S20 Series. By relying on high resolution that is qualified for the flagship class, the 108MP main camera and 64MP selfie camera of the Galaxy S20 Series are able to capture images sharply.

This is also in line with what was expressed by Dian that he explored a lot of Selfie Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra cameras. “The experience that I like, a lot of using Selfie Camera 64MP. He has 4K video, actually this is really a film quality. If we have good scripts, we can make good films that are worth showing, “Dian told the Gadgetren team during the Workshop Question and Answer session.

Another advantage with the high resolution of this smartphone is that it can record videos up to 8K. Dian also added that she edited her own videos recorded directly through her Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra.

“Editing a short video on IG Story I used the editor of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series on a smartphone, it's really okay not to decrease the resolution. In the IG feed I edit it on a computer and there is also an editor's help. After that I give feedback, enter the logic sequence and then upload it to IG, “he explained.


Dian herself also admitted that during PSBB she often uploaded her cooking demo videos using the Galaxy S20 Series and most recently the short video film titled Contentment with Director Benny Lim was uploaded on her personal IG on May 3, 2020 then. The resulting image becomes even more cinematic and unique.

“I made some content for clients, I myself did not think the results could create digital content. I also use the 108MP sensor, especially using cooking videos, so people understand the details, “he said.

Surely the results of the sharp image is thanks to Miss Binning technology where the Galaxy S20 Series sensor combines eight pixels into one. In addition, another advanced feature called Space Zoom with image capture capability up to 100x Zoom thanks to hybrid optical zoom technology with Al or artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, there are features that are known to be quite interesting with another take Single that can be used by users to take moments with photos, videos, or boomerang as well. “The single take that distinguishes it is only when it is taken. The longer the time, for example 10 seconds, the pictures and videos will be more than 5 seconds, “he said.

Plus there are features of the latest version of Super Steady 2.0 which will be much more stable for shooting moving pictures. “The way there is a vibrating hand logo on the screen, the user just taps it, then immediately entered the Super Steady 2.0 feature. Without Tripod you can use it right away, “he added.

For this feature, Dian really likes to use it when recording video directly to food objects and moving to people who are eating so it is very helpful and convenient to use. In addition, according to him, the movement from vertical to horizontal is also very smooth, said Dian.


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