4 Ways to Hide Applications on Xiaomi

How to hide applications on Xiaomi – For some reason makes us sometimes want to hide some applications on smartphones. The main reason someone hides an application on their smartphone is to maintain privacy. The reason for this privacy is that many of us, especially Mi Fans, might look for a smartphone that has an application hiding feature.

One smartphone that has a feature to hide applications is Xiaomi. Where specifically Xiaomi has these features, the existence of these features will certainly make us more practical to hide some applications on the HP. In addition to using features on the Xiaomi cellphone there are also several applications or software that can hide the application.

Hadinrya Features Hide App or Invisible App on Xiaomi mobile phones it seems to be proof that Xiaomi is very sensitive to its customers. Features that can hide this particular application. This feature will certainly be very useful for HP xiaomi users because there is no need to install second-party applications.

With a certain purpose indeed we sometimes need to hide the application. For example, to avoid nosy friends, or even to hide some important applications related to money. Therefore it is very important for you to know how to hide applications on your cellphone. Here is the complete way.

How to hide applications on Xiaomi mobile phones

Different versions of MIUI are actually different, too, how to hide the application. Therefore make sure Mi Fans to pay attention to the steps given by XiaomiDev this time so that later they can apply Hiding the application on Xiaomi's cellphone properly.

1. Using App Lock


The first way is to use App Lock, for Xioami smartphone users with MIUI 10 User Interface and below can still find this feature on their cellphones. But for Xiaomi mobile users with MIUI 11 already do not get this feature. But do not rule out getting the feature Update. Here is the Full Titorial.

  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Continue to the App Lock Menu
  • Create a Password To Enter the App Lock Menu
  • After successfully entering the app lock menu, then click the icon with
  • Then choose which applications to hide
  • If you have found which application to hide then tap on the hide app feature
  • When later will use the application, then Mi Fans just go back to the feature and press the application that was hidden

2. Using the Second Room

Xiaomi Tutorial

The next step if mi fans want to hide the application then can use the second space provided by Xiaomi. This feature can be found in MIUI 11 and below, the second room feature on Xiaomi's mobile phone allows you to have a new hidden room and can be used to install various applications on one smartphone. Here's How:

  • Enter the Settings Menu
  • Continue down the Special Features menu
  • Select the Second Room
  • Then create a password to enter the second room
  • Arrange all the applications you want in the second room

3. Hide Apps application

The next step is to use the Hide Apps application, where this one application will be very useful for my friends, fans who want to hide various privacy documents, not just applications. This application can be easily understood and guaranteed to be quite safe.

To use this application Mi Fans only need to download and run the application above. Later Mi fans will be asked to create passwords for some applications that will be hidden. This method is very easy and can be done on all mobile phones without having to have a Xiaomi cell phone.

There are several ways that might help mi fans to protect their privacy. Where the method is very easy to be applied. However, the different MIUI serial numbers will certainly be different, even though the essence is the same. Thus Xiaomidev's review this time pertains How to hide applications on Xiaomi Hope it can be useful.


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