√ 6 Ways to Check the Damaged Xiaomi Touchscreen Easiest

How to Check Xiaomi Touchscreen – Sometimes when buying something, Mi Fans must be really thorough. One of them when buying a smartphone at a price that is not cheap. When buying a smartphone yourself Mi Fans must be careful from the defects seen on the HP to the parts that are not visible.

There are many things that must be considered when buying a smartphone one of which is checking on the screen. The touch screen itself is a very important part of a Smartphone, imagine if the touch screen of a smartphone dies it feels like the DEVICE is no longer useful. Therefore Mi Fans should know How to Check Xiaomi Touchscreen easily.

How To Check Damaged Xiaomi Touchscreen

Checking Touchsreen is not only needed when you buy a Xiaomi Secondhand Cellphone. When buying a new cellphone it is also mandatory to do several checking methods, one of which is on the smartphone screen. By knowing the condition of the smartphone screen, Mi Fans will definitely not feel any loss because of knowing the condition of the HP touch screen.

This time XIAOMIDEV will provide very useful information about How to Check Xiaomi Touchscreen for all types of Xiaomi phones. There are several ways from using applications in Playstore to using the Xiaomi Secret Code which can be used to check all types of Xiaomi mobile phones. Here is the complete way.

A. Xiaomi code

The easiest way to find out the condition of the Xiaomi HP touch screen is to use or bring up the hardware test code. The first step itself by using the number * # * # 64663 # * # * on the Xiaomi smartphone call menu that you want to Test.

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1. Dial Number

Xiaomi Secret Code

The first step is to make a call to * # * # 64663 # * # * to do the Hardware test. After making the call the cellphone will automatically show a number of menus for testing the HP performance. One of them is a touch screen test.

2. Screen Sensitivity Test

Xiaomi screen sensitivity test

The Second Step Is to do a test to find out the sensitivity of the screen. Of course, by entering the Xiaomi code * # * # 64663 # * # *. Where later there will be many menu choices, while for the sensitivity test itself by selecting number 4 Namely Touch Sensor. Then you are given a mission to touch all the empty boxes. Fill all the empty boxes with a touch.

Moreover, all the boxes successfully appear in green or blue, so the condition of your Xiaomi cell screen is in good condition. Vice versa if the touch is still white, you can be sure the touch screen is damaged. This method is indicated to be the most effective compared to using a second party application.

B. Touchscreen Check Application

The next step can be done by using the help application on Playstore. There are lots of applications to test the smartphone screen condition. If you feel the first way is not satisfied then you can use some Cool application recommendations that Work With Xiaomi Mobile.

1 Touchscreen Test

How to Overcome Xiaomi's screen Insensitivity

This application made by mokshyn developer has a good performance to be made as one of the ways to check Xiaomi's touchscreen. The application that Mi Fans can download for free on PlayStore has many methods of checking screen conditions. Even some menus will also find out some color conditions produced.

2 Multi Touch Test

Xiaomi Mobile Screen Off

Sometimes there are several conditions where HP often fails to give commands when used with 2 or more fingers. This case of course usually happens if the cell phone is used with only this method. For Mi Fans who are curious about the Touch Screen HP Xiaominya can use this cool application. Damaged Mutli Touch should also be known by Mi Fans.

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3 Display Tester

Check the Xiaomi Super Amoled Screen

If Mi Fans are curious about the HP screen that is dimmed or has a color that seems lost, you can use this cool application. By using the HP Xiaomi display tester application, my friend will be tested by displaying a few images with distinguished colors only. In addition there are also several other screen test menus.

4 Fix Dead Pixels

Xiaomi Mobile Test

Next is the Fix Dead Pixels application. For Mi Fans who have Xiaomi Mobile with Super Amoled Screen certainly know very well that the Super Amoled screen has flaws in the range of Dead Pixel affected. Dead Pixel or Shadow on the screen with the type of Super Amoled is indeed quite disturbing. But it can be overcome if it has not spread more to other parts. This application can detect and restore the Super Amoled shadow screen with a few steps.

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There are several ways to do the Xiaomi Touchsreen HP Test easily. Starting with the default hardware test method until using the default application can also be applied to find out the condition of the smartphone's touch screen. Thus information from XiaomiDev this time hopefully can be useful for Mi Fans who need similar information.


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