What is Telkomsel's MyTelkomsel Reward Package?

What is the Telkomsel Header MyTelkomsel Reward Package

Gadgetren – After purchasing one type of monthly internet package through MyTelkomsel, you have the opportunity to get a MyTelkomsel Reward package as a gift. What is MyTelkomsel Reward?

The MyTelkomsel Reward Package is a special package that can be purchased for IDR 10 by prepaid customers Telkomsel (simPATI, US Card and LOOP) by purchasing a Combo Sakti or OMG package! monthly via the MyTelkomsel application.

After being notified of a successful package payment transaction, eligible customers can also check and redeem prizes directly through the Shopping> Internet menu within the application.

As for this package, there are several types of gift quotas that can generally be purchased by customers including chat quota (WhatsApp and LINE), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, MusicMAX, MAXstream, or GamesMAX.

The amount of internet quota to be received by customers also varies greatly, depending on the amount of monthly quota in the Combo Sakti or OMG package purchased and the type of gift quota chosen.

In more detail, customers can listen to the size of the gift quota in the following table:

MyTelkomsel Reward Combo Sakti table

Price of Sakti Combo Package Chat Rewards (WA & LINE) / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / MusicMAX MAXstream / GamesMAX rewards
Less than Rp. 25,000 500MB 1GB
Rp.25,000 – Rp.49,900 1GB 2GB
IDR 50,000 – IDR 74,900 1.5GB 3GB
IDR 75,000 – IDR 100,000 2GB 4GB
More than Rp 100,000 3GB 5GB

OMG Reward MyTelkomsel table

Category Chat Rewards (WA & LINE) / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / MusicMAX GamesMAX / MAXstream rewards
simPATI Combo 4,5GB + 2GB OMG! 1.5GB 3GB
simPATI Combo 17GB + 2GB OMG! 3GB 5GB
simPATI Combo 28GB + 2GB OMG! 3GB 5GB
simPATI Data 3GB + 1GB OMG! 1GB 2GB
simPATI Data 5GB + 2GB OMG! 1.5GB 3GB
simPATI Data 12GB + 2GB OMG! 3GB 5GB
simPATI Data 25GB + 2GB OMG! 3GB 5GB
simPATI Data 50GB + 2GB OMG! 3GB 5GB
AS Combo 2GB + 2GB OMG card! 1.5GB 3GB
US Data Card 3GB + 1GB OMG! 1GB 2GB
US Data Card 4.5GB + 2GB OMG! 1.5GB 3GB
US Data Card 8GB + 2GB OMG! 2GB 4GB
US Data Card 15GB + 2GB OMG! 3GB 5GB
US Data Card 30GB + 2GB OMG! 3GB 5GB
LOOP Combo 2GB + 60 Minutes 1GB 2GB
LOOP Combo 6 GB + 120 Minutes 1.5GB 3GB
LOOP Data 3GB + 1GB OMG! 1GB 2GB
LOOP Data 8GB + 2GB OMG! 2GB 4GB
LOOP Data 15GB + 2GB OMG! 3GB 5GB
simPATI CloudMAX Core 12 + 2 CloudMAX 3GB 5GB
CloudMAX Core 8 + 2AS card 2GB 4GB
CloudMAX Core LP 15 CloudMAX loop 3GB 5 GB

Even though they have different quota sizes, the quota that can be purchased for Rp 10 has the same active period. Which in this case, the quota is only valid for two days from the purchase.

So that you do not go too far, you can check the active period and quota in the same way as checking the Telkomsel quota in general. You can in this case check the menu * 888 # or Status in MyTelkomsel.

Also, be aware that MyTelkomsel Reward quota purchases are only valid once in 30 days. Or simply, the purchase menu will appear thirty days after the purchase of the previous gift quota, even if you buy the required monthly package.

Prize exchanges are also only valid for thirty days since purchasing Combo Sakti or OMG packages! monthly. Past this period, customers will not be able to exchange it.


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