5 ways to restore a lost Play Store on Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomidev.com How do I restore a lost Play Store on Xiaomi Mobile? For those who experience these problems do not need to worry, because we can reinstall the Play Store so that it can again be used to download or update applications.

Play Store is the core of Android smartphones, Samsung phones are no exception. Without the Play Store, of course we will be confused to find a good and safe application for smartphones. Because downloading applications outside the Play Store is very dangerous, because it can be infiltrated by Malware or Spyware.

Well, downloading an application on the Play Store is safer. Because Google has filtered for applications that can be listed on the Play Store. Even so there are still some dangerous applications that pass Google filtering, so you still have to be careful.

Cause Play Store Is Missing

Back again to the problem of Play Store lost on Xiaomi cellphones. The loss of the Play Store certainly has a cause. Now to find out what are the causes Xiaomi Mobile Play Store missing please see below.

  1. Indeed Play Store is the default Xiaomi application that cannot be removed. But if the smartphone is rooted, then we can delete all the default applications easily. Not infrequently the Play Store is accidentally deleted or unistal so that makes it disappear from the list of smartphone applications.
  2. The next cause is because the Play Store is disabled, but you forget to reactivate it. As a result the Play Store will disappear and need to be reactivated before it can be used again.
  3. Xiaomi smartphones have a feature to hide applications. These features can be used to hide the Play Store so that it seems lost from a smartphone.
  4. The next cause is because the smartphone that is used uses MIUI ROM China, so there is no Play Store or other Google services.
  5. Many Xiaomi cellphone users don't know the difference between Chinese ROM and Global ROM. Now if you buy a used Xiaomi cellphone with a Chinese ROM, but there is already a Play Store, then do a reset so that the settings return to factory settings, then all applications will be lost, including Play Store

How to restore a lost Play Store on Xiaomi Mobile

How to restore a lost Play Store on Xiaomi Mobile

Now that's some of the causes that often make Play Store lost on Xiaomi mobile phones. Some causes are very easy to overcome, especially for the Play Store that is accidentally hidden or disabled. But if deleted, then you can try to restore the lost Play Store on Xiaomi's mobile phone as follows.

1. Factory Reset

How to restore Play Store on Xiaomi that was deleted

The first way is to do a Factory Reset to return the smartphone to Factory settings. You can see how “HERE” However, this method only works on Xiaomi mobile phones that use Global ROM, because previously there was Play Store as the default application.

This method can be the most appropriate solution for those of you who do ROOT and accidentally delete Play Store. However, after Factory Research, all applications and files will be lost. So before resetting, we recommend backing up important files first.

2. Enable Application

Enable Xiaomi Application

In the previous article we had discussed about How to Remove the Default Default Application. In this article we explain how to disable and enable the default Xiaomi application. Now if it turns out the Play Store is disabled, then all you have to do is activate it again by selecting the Enable menu. After that Play Store can automatically be used again normally.

3. Check the Hidden / Locked Application

How to Overcome the Missing Xiaomi Play Store

As we said above, one reason the Play Store is missing is because it was accidentally hidden. The fix is ​​very easy, you just check the hidden application section, then see if there is a Play Store or not. If there is, then you must eliminate the hidden application settings on the Play Store.

4. Download the Play Store Manual

Play Store APK

For those who have tried to restore the lost Play Store on the Xiaomi cellphone by following the above method, but without success, then you can try to install the Play Store APK manually which can be obtained at www.apkmirror.com. The site has available various versions of the Play Store, ranging from the latest version to the old version. You just have to download it, then install the APK you get.

5. Install the Google Installer

How to Overcome the Lost Play Store on Xiaomi

How to restore the lost Play Store on Xiaomi's next cellphone is to install the Google Installer application. The application serves to install Google Mobile Service which includes Play Store and various other Google services.

For those who use Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 10 and above, we recommend downloading the Google Installer V3.0. Because only that version that supports the latest MIUI. Then the question, how to install it?

  1. Download the Google Installer first by “CLICK HERE
  2. After successfully downloading the Google Installer, then enter the menu Settings, then select Additional Settings. After that choose Security and activate Unknown sources. The goal is to be able to install applications other than the Google Play Store.
  3. The next step is to install the Google Installer application that was previously downloaded and stored in the File Manager.
  4. After that, just open the Google Installer application that has been successfully installed.
  5. Then we just click the blue icon that says Install. After that the Google Installer application will install the Google Mobile Service, including Play Store.

After the Play Store has been successfully installed, then we can re-use it to download all the applications in the Play Store. But if the download is suddenly delayed, please see the following way to overcome it “How to Deal With Pending Play Store

So there are various ways to restore the lost Play Store on Xiaomi's cellphone. Please follow the tutorial above and hopefully restore the missing Play Store app. So much information on xiaomidev.com this time, may be useful and can be a reference for Xiaomi cellphone users throughout Indonesia.


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