√ 14 Ways to Check Genuine or Fake Xiaomi IMEI with a Code

How to Check Xiaomi IMEI – IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a sequence of numbers that when we check contains information about the cellphone, starting from the model, brand, year of manufacture, serial number, etc. All cellphones or smartphones must have it, because it can be likened to an identity like a KTP in humans.

Each smartphone has a different IMEI number. The same thing applies to Xiaomi phones. To find out the IMEI number on Xiaomi mobile phones can also be done in various ways. The easiest is to look at the back of the box when we buy a new or used Xiaomi cellphone.

But not infrequently the IMEI number listed on the card box is different from the one on the smartphone. There are several factors that can cause that. It could be that the cellphone that we bought is a reconditioned cellphone, so it uses a fake card box. In addition, a different IMEI number can also indicate the authenticity of the smartphone.

Well, to check the authenticity of Xiaomi mobile phones or other smartphones can indeed be done by checking the IMEI number. But before that we must first know the IMEI number. Now the question now, how do I check Xiaomi IMEI in addition to seeing from the box book?

How to check Xiaomi IMEI is very easy. MiFans can use the IMEI check code that can be applied to all smartphones. There are still several other ways, and to find out please refer to the information how to check Xiaomi IMEI number summarized by the following editorial xiaomidev.com.

1. How to check Xiaomi IMEI with a code

How to check Xiaomi IMEI

As we said above, how to check IMEI can be done by entering certain codes. Now for those who want to know the code, please refer to the following information.

  1. The first step is to open the phone menu on the Xiaomi smartphone that MiFans has
  2. Then write the Xiaomi IMEI check code with the code * # 06 #.
  3. After that, just press the t buttonelepon / call
  4. Later the IMEI number will automatically appear on the smartphone screen.
  5. When using a Xiaomi cellphone that has a Dual Sim feature, two different IMEI numbers will appear, which are the first and second IMEI Sim Cards

The Xiaomi IMEI check code above can be used by MiFans to check the IMEI number on a different smartphone, so it's not only limited to Xiaomi phones. Now after knowing the IMEI code, then all you have to do is record it so that later you can do further checks through a site devoted to check IMEI.

How to Check Xiaomi IMEI Mobile Phone

In addition to the above method, MiFans can also check Xiaomi IMEI by viewing it in the Smartphone's Settings Menu. As for the way please refer to below.

  1. First, please open the menu Settings
  2. After entering the settings menu just look for the menu About Phone
  3. Then choose menu Status
  4. Now, just click on the Status menu IMEI Information, then the Xiaomi IMEI cellphone number information that we have will appear

By following the IMEI inspection steps above, we can later find out the authenticity of Xiaomi's cellphone. But to check the authenticity must first open a special page to check the authenticity of Xiaomi mobile phones. Now for the way please see below.

3. Check the Authenticity of Xiaomi With IMEI

Xiaomi IMEI Check Site

Currently there are a lot of fake Xiaomi phones on the market. The quality is certainly very different, because the average Xiaomi smartphone has high specifications and is supported by good build quality. That's why we recommend checking the IMEI number so you can find out the authenticity of the purchased Xiaomi cellphone.

Now after knowing the IMEI number on the Xiaomi cellphone by following the Xiaomi IMEI check method above, then now we just need to check its authenticity. The way is very easy, because Xiaomi has provided a special page to check the authenticity of the smartphones they market. To find out how, please see below.

  1. To check the authenticity of Xiaomi's cellphone through the IMEI number, you can visit the official Xiaomi verification site which is addressed at https://www.mi.com/global/verify/#/en/tab/imei.
  2. After opening the site above, then we just enter the IMEI number or Serial Number obtained through checking the IMEI above or from the Dus Book
  3. Then enter the verification code, and then click “Verify
  4. If the original IMEI number we enter is Xiaomi, the authenticity information will appear
  5. To check IMEI number information, you can also visit the site https://www.imei.info. On this site complete information will appear about the model, type, year of manufacture, to specifications

Checking the authenticity of Xiaomi mobile phones is indeed very important. Hopefully by following the tips above, MiFans can avoid fake Xiaomi cellphones. Moreover, the Indonesian government has issued a discourse blocking IMEI for all illegal smartphones or black markets. Reportedly this regulation will come into force in the coming 2020.

IMEI blocking must be carried out by the Indonesian government to clear out the circulation of illegal cellphones. The MiFans are certainly disappointed with these regulations. Because the average Xiaomi mobile phone marketed in Indonesia is a blackmarket smartphone, especially Xiaomi flagship phones such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Mi 9, and Redmi K20.

The Government through the Ministry of Industry will provide a special site for checking IMEI status that can be accessed “HERE” Later cellphones whose IMEI is not registered, will not be able to use Indonesian cellular operators. As a result the mobile can not be used for telephone, SMS, and access the internet through the cellular operator's data service country.

Hopefully the government will provide relief for illegal Xiaomi mobile phones that we buy abroad or in market places. The relief can be in the form of the addition of random or other schemes. Now that's all the information xiaomidev.com this time, hopefully the article on how to check Xiaomi Xiaomi IMEI above is useful and can be a reference.


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