4 Ways to Check the Official Xiaomi Guarantee or Distributor

How to Check Xiaomi Guarantee – Xiaomi smartphones circulating in Indonesia are not fully official warranty. We must know correctly whether the mobile phone that we buy is an official guarantee or not. Because the non-official smartphone warranty or distributor will not be able to be used in Indonesia due to IMEI blocking that applies to illegal smartphones or black markets.

Blocking IMEI is not a back discourse. The regulation has been passed and reportedly came into force in the coming April. The blocking effect is very fatal, because smartphones that are not registered will not be able to use cellular networks in the country such as Tri, Telkomsel, Axis, XL, etc.

For those who have official Xiaomi cellphones, there is no need to worry, because their IMEI has been registered in the database of the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia) so as to avoid blocking IMEI. But for those who use non-official smartphones, it must be vigilant. This also applies to Xiaomi Xiaomi user warranty distributor.

We believe that most Xiaomi cellphone users do not know the smartphone warranty they have, whether it is an official guarantee or a warranty guarantee. To be sure, Xiaomi's IMEI distributor warranty is not registered in the Ministry of Industry's database, so it must be vigilant when IMEI blocking regulations apply.

Not only the problem with IMEI, Xiaomi's non-official warranty cellphone will also be troubled to make repairs. Although there is a guarantee from the distributor, but usually it will be complicated when claiming the warranty. That's why we recommend buying an official Xiaomi cellphone warranty rather than a distributor warranty.

Before buying a Xiaomi cellphone you must first check the warranty. Besides how to check the official Xiaomi warranty is very easy. Now for those who don't know how, please refer to the following xiaomidev.com information.

Tutorial How to Check Xiaomi Guarantee

1. Check Warranty on Dusbook

How to find out Xiaomi Mobile Warranty

The easiest way to find out about Xiaomi's warranty is to look at the packaging box. If it is printed on the packaging box TAM, then we make sure it is an official product. TAM itself stands for PT Telematics Artha Mandiri as the official distributor of Xiaomi in Indonesia.

In addition to the TAM sticker, the official Xiaomi warranty cellphone packaging box is also written PT Sat Nusapersada Tbk, located in Batam, Riau Islands. This location indicates that the mobile phone purchased is an official product that is assembled in Indonesia. As for the Xiaomi handphone distributor warranty is usually written Made In China.

When the box is opened, a guide book and service center can be seen written in Indonesian. How to check Xiaomi warranty is indeed very easy, but it will be a problem if you buy a used Xiaomi cellphone that does not have a dusbook. If that happens, then you can try checking the Xiaomi warranty below.

2. Look at the Charger Type

Xiaomi charger

Our experience buying a Xiaomi warranty distributor is to have a charger that is not Indonesian standard. Usually it will be flat or has three legs. If the official guarantee will get Xiaomi standard charger is two feet which can be directly plugged into electricity, without the need for special adapters.

3. Check Xiaomi IMEI

How to check Xiaomi IMEI

IMEI is a smartphone identity. Each type of Xiaomi cellphone has a different IMEI number which will be registered in the Ministry of Industry database. To find out the Xiaomi IMEI phone number is also very easy. You just type the code * # 06 #, then the IMEI number will appear automatically. Please note the IMEI number, then not the site https://imei.kemenperin.go.id/ and enter the IMEI number in the search field. If it is proven official, information will appear that IMEI has been registered.

There are still several other ways to find out Xiaomi IMEI numbers. For those who are still confused about how, please refer to the following information “How to check Xiaomi IMEI” Oh well, later two different IMEIs will appear which are the IMEI numbers for the first sim card slot and the second one.

4. How to Check Xiaomi Online Warranty

How to Check Xiaomi Online Guarantee

Xiaomi has a special site that we can use to check Xiaomi's warranty. The site is located at http://buy.mi.com/en/registration. When accessing the Xiaomi product registration site the IMEI number column will appear. Please enter the IMEI number that you have obtained by checking the IMEI above.

Now after entering the IMEI number, the distributor name that gives the warranty will appear. If written Erajaya, it is an official Xiaomi warranty cellphone. However, if what appears to be Chinese writing appears, it can be ascertained to be a non-official smartphone.

As you can see above, how to check Xiaomi's warranty is indeed very easy. Moreover, Xiaomi has provided a special website that we can use to find out Xiaomi's warranty easily. That's enough information xiaomidev.com this time, hopefully useful and can be a reference.


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