10+ Ways to Turn on the Xiaomi Mobile Phone without the Latest Power Button 2020

Xiaomidev.com – One of the best-known android smartphone products from China with the Xiaomi brand has become a cellphone brand that is quite popular in Indonesia. Yes, in addition to having a fairly cheap and affordable price, this Xiaomi brand cellphone also has a performance that is quite tough and also reliable in meditation.

Even so, not all cellphones will be durable and long lasting, there will definitely be some damage that will make us upset and have to find the best solution so that the cellphone can be used again. Yes, at this time there is indeed a lot of damage to the power button so we can't turn on the cellphone via the power button.

So is there a solution so that the cellphone can turn on again without having to touch the power button? The answer is there. Currently there are some tricks that you can use to turn on the cellphone so that it can be re-used. Well, curious to try it? The following is how to turn on the Xiaomi cellphone without the power button.

How to Turn on Xiaomi Mobile Phone without the Power Button

To turn on Xiaomi Mobile without the power button is fairly easy if we know how. But for those of you who don't know how, you will definitely feel confused and will ask for help from the expert. To overcome this we will give a little trick to turn on Xiaomi Mobile without touching the power button.

Today there are indeed many new Xiaomi mobile phones that will be launched in Indonesia. Well, one of the Xiaomi phones that are currently skyrocketed at the entry level class is the Xiaomi Mobile by name Xiaomi Note 8 Pro which is priced quite affordable and offers cell phone specifications that are second to none.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have Xiaomi phones, but the power button cannot function properly or is damaged you will still be able to turn on your Xiaomi cellphone without having to use the power button. Now, do you want to know how? let's see together about how to turn on the Xiaomi cellphone without the power button.

1. The first step you have to do is to open the security menu on your Xiaomi phone.Select Security

2. Next you have to choose the battery menu

Select the battery menu

3. Next you click the tolo gear or settings in the battery menu

Select the battery settings menu

4. Then you choose power on / offSelect the battery settings menu

5. Then you just adjust to when your Xiaomi phone will live and when it will dieSelect power down time

Besides using the above method, you can also use the following methods. Well, you can use this method when your Xiaomi cellphone is not switched off or the power is off. Now the complete information follows.

1. The first step, of course, your cell phone in a state of on or off power

2. Then open the settings menu

3. Then select the display menu

4. Select the 2x screen tap option to wake the device with two taps

5. Done, so if our cellphone is locked we don't need to bother pressing the power button and you just simply tap the 2x screen then your Xiaomi cellphone will be active again.

Well guys that's some way to turn on the Xiaomi Mobile without the power button. Yes, for some people this method does look very easy and easy. Meanwhile, this method will also be very useful for some people who are very concerned about health.

Things like this are already known if the smartphone has enough radiation dating a negative impact on your body's health. With a few tricks above will certainly help us when sleeping and you are setting the phone to die.

Vice versa, the cell phone will be back on when you might start using it again. Thus information from us hopefully can be useful for all of you and can be a reference for you in having an Android phone with certain brands.


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