10 Ways to Overcome the Xiaomi Xiaomi Cellphone Slowly

Xiaomidev.com How to overcome the slow Xiaomi cellphone? For those of you who experience it, then we will provide a solution. But before that, we must first understand what causes it. There are several causes that make Xiaomi cellphones slow. The main cause is a mediocre smartphone specifications.

Each type of Xiaomi smartphone has different specifications. These differences will greatly affect the performance of Xiaomi smartphones. Especially for Xiaomi mobile phones that have a small capacity Ram and still use old school processors that have below standard performance.

We can still optimize the performance of Xiaomi cellphones so they don't slow down. But don't compare its performance with high-performance Xiaomi smartphones like Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro or Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. Of course there are significant differences in performance, because the type of processor used and the ram capacity is different.

Slow smartphone is indeed very annoying. That's why we have to overcome them in order to be able to operate the smartphone comfortably when playing games or running applications. Now to find out how to overcome the slow Xiaomi cell phone, please follow each step that we submit below.

Tutorial How to Overcome the Xiaomi Xiaomi Slow

How to Overcome the Xiaomi Mobile Slow

1. Deleting Unimportant Files

The first way to overcome the slow Xiaomi cell is to delete unnecessary files stored in internal memory. Because one of the causes of the Xiaomi cellphone is slow is the internal memory capacity that runs out. At the very least you should leave an internal memory of 2GB so as not to interfere with smartphone performance.

For those who have a Xiaomi cellphone with an internal memory capacity of 8GB or 16GB, they often feel that their Xiaomi cellphone feels slow. This can happen because the smartphone storage space is used up to store applications, games, or other large files. Therefore, it is better to delete it in order to overcome the slow Xiaomi cellphone.

2. Use MicroSD Class10

How to Overcome the Slow Xiaomi Cellphone

Don't hesitate to use microSD if your cellphone has an external memory slot. The microSD can be used to store photos, videos or large files so that the remaining internal memory remains large. But do not just choose MicroSD. We recommend using MicroSD Class10 which has a reading speed exceeding 80MB / s.

Maybe all this time you've assumed that all MicroSDs are the same. Even though MicroSD is divided into several speed classes, and for the highest is Class 10. By using MicroSD Class10, the speed of reading files feels faster. Especially for applications and games stored in external memory.

3. Uninstall an Application or Game

Uninstall Xiaomi Application To Keep Cellphone XIaomi Not Slow

Still related to internal memory, we recommend uninstalling large-sized games and applications. The aim is to reduce the use of internal memory so that Xiaomi cellphones are not slow. Especially now the average game has a very large size and its size can increase after getting an update.

Unwittingly the capacity of internal memory will continue to decrease so that the smartphone feels slow. How to uninstall applications and games on Xiaomi Mobile is also very easy. You can just enter the menu Settings or Settings, then choose menu Manage Applications. After that choose Uninstall, then just delete the application or game that is not needed and only reduce internal memory.

Unfortunately not all applications can be uninstalled directly. Because for the default application we can only uninstall it as follows “How to remove the Xiaomi Default Application

4. Disable Running Applications

Disable the Xiaomi Application

Another reason for Xiaomi's slow mobile is that too many applications are running in the background, reducing RAM capacity. To overcome this you have to disable or disable the application manually. The method is quite easy, and to find out how to overcome the cause of the slow Xiaomi cellphone, please see below.

  1. Open the Settings menu or Settings
  2. Then choose Manage Applications
  3. Then choose the application to be disabled
  4. Then choose Forced stop

5. Reduce Widgets

Xiaomi widget

The more Widgets that are used on the home screen, the more Ram is used. This is the reason for the slow Xiaomi cellphone. To overcome this we must reduce the use of widgets on the homescreen. It's better to use widgets that are just as important, like a clock or calendar. As for other widgets, it's better to delete them so the Xiaomi cellphone isn't slow.

6. Reducing the use of animation

Xiaomi Mobile Developer Options

Xiaomi smartphones use the MIUI operating system based on Android. The advantages of the MIUI operating system compared to the Android OS in general are having cooler animations and looking smoother. However, this can make Xiaomi cell phones feel more slow, especially on Xiaomi phones with low specifications.

To reduce the use of animation on Xiaomi cellphones we have to access the developer options in the settings menu. For more details on how to overcome the slow Xiami cellphone because of the problem of using animation, please see below.

  1. First we have to activate the developer options by clicking Version
  2. MIUI three times in the About Phone menu
  3. Then enter the Additional Settings menu
  4. Then select Developer Options
  5. After that, just set the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Scale
  6. Animator You can bury it into 0.5x or Dead Animation.

7. Removing Cache

Clear Xiaomi Cache

Xiaomi already provides a feature to delete the cache named Cleaner or Cleaner. This feature will delete Cache Files, Useless Files, etc. To access these features, you can go through the Shortcut menu on Xiaomi's mobile home page. In addition, you can access it through the Security Application, then select Cleaner. After that, just click “Clean”.

8. Using the RAM Cleaner Application

The next way to overcome the slow Xiaomi cellphone is to use a RAM cleaning application. There are many applications that can be used, and one that we recommend is an application called RAM Booster. This application will close running applications so that the remaining RAM remains large.

There are many other Ram cleaning applications. But in essence we have to reduce the applications that run on smartphones so they are not slow. We recommend to always close an application that is not used, so that the application does not run automatically resulting in slow cellphones.

9. Routine OS Update

Causes of Xiaomi Mobile Slow

Xiaomi always provides software updates to every Xiaomi cellphone user. The goal is to maintain the performance of Xiaomi smartphones to avoid bugs that can cause slow cellphones. Usually there will be automatic updates when connected to Wi-Fi. But if there is no automatic update, you can check it manually via the menu Settings => About Cellphones => System Update

10. Reset the Cellphone

How to Overcome the Xiaomi Mobile Slow

If you still feel slow and want the smartphone's performance back to the way it was when you first bought it, then you can try returning your Xiaomi cellphone settings to factory settings (Reset). Then how to reset Xiaomi's cell phone easily? For how, please refer to the previous xiaomidev.com article about “How to Research Xiaomi Mobile Phones” In addition, you can also follow each of the steps below

  1. Open the menu Settings
  2. Then choose After Addition
  3. Then choose Backup & Reset
  4. After that choose Reset to After Factory
  5. The last one choose Reset Cellphone

How, after trying to overcome the slow Xiaomi cellphone above, is your Xiaomi cell phone speeding again? If you still feel slow, it might be time for you to buy a new Xiaomi phone that has a higher specification so that its performance is more powerful and avoid the word slow when running applications or playing games.

So this is the tutorial on how to overcome the slow Xiaomi cellphone. To prove the way above, you have to try it yourself. So much information on xiaomidev.com this time, hopefully the tips that we have provided are useful for Xiaomi smartphone users who want to improve the performance of their smartphones so they don't slow down.


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