Ensure Payment Transactions are Safe, Tokopedia Invites Users to Diligently Change Passwords


Gadgetren – Leakage of user data again occurs, this time experienced by the large online shopping site Tokopedia. This news makes a number of users receive emails directly from Tokopedia.

Circulation of this alleged data leakage also makes users question the certainty of the security of their data and the government has urged the Tokopedia to immediately ensure that user data in the form of a password until the transaction does not leak. Tokopedia then e-mails all users to respond to the news.

The e-mail reported that Tokopedia was currently conducting an in-depth investigation of this issue. “But we have confirmed that there are no password leaks that can be used to log into your account,” he wrote via e-mail Tokopedia user newsletter (03/05/2020).

Tokopedia makes sure again that even though the user's password and crucial information are still protected behind encryption, he recommends that users always change account passwords regularly for security and convenience. Tokopedia also includes how to change the password via the following link.

Tokopedia also applies multiple layers of security, including OTP (One Time Password) or Verification Code sent via SMS which can only be accessed in real time by the account owner.

“It is very important not to give an OTP code to anyone and for any reason, including to those on behalf of Tokopedia,” he wrote.

Not to forget, Tokopedia also assures users that all transactions with all payment methods on Tokopedia are always secure. “On the other hand, Tokopedia will also always try to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data. Tokopedia business is a business of trust, so the security of your personal data is our top priority, “he concluded.

This news itself began to arise sticking out Twitter account @underthebreach who often upload information about data leakage cases that are spread on the internet. In his tweet, he shared data that there were around 15 million Tokopedia user data distributed on the Dark Web site, where the data was obtained around March 2020 then

The @underthebreach account then does update again in the tweet that 91 million user data are now sold on dark sites for 5,000 USD.


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