10 Ways to Check Used / New Xiaomi Mobile Phones So You Don't Buy It Wrong

Xiaomidev.com How to check used Xiaomi cellphones can be done in various ways. The most important thing is to check the physical condition, whether there is damage or not. But often smartphone damage is not just in physical terms. We also need to check the inside of the smartphone, be it software or hardware.

Well, there are many considerations before buying a used Xiaomi cellphone. If you carelessly bought it, it can potentially get used cellphones with imperfect conditions. Of course you don't want to experience that. That's why we will provide several ways to check the used Xiaomi cellphone that you can see below.

How to Check Used Xiaomi Mobile Phones

1. Check IMEI

Many people do not know that Xiaomi mobile phones marketed in Indonesia are not all official. There are a lot of Xiaomi handphone distributor warranties which incidentally are non-official products. To find out if it's official or not, you can see it from the IMEI number. There are several ways to find out the Xiaomi IMEI cellphone number that you can refer to in the article “How to Check XEIami IMEI

The easiest way to find out Xiaomi IMEI numbers is to type the secret code * # 06 #. Please type the code into the phone call menu and it will automatically come out 2 IMEI numbers which are the IMEI SIM Card Slot 1 and SIM Card 2. In addition, you can also see the IMEI on the dusbook packaging.

2. Check the warranty

How to Check Xiaomi Online Guarantee

After knowing the IMEI number of the purchased mobile phone, then we just need to check whether it is an official or non-official Xiaomi Xiaomi cellphone. How to check is very easy, you just have to visit the site buy.mi.co.id/id/registration. Then enter the IMEI number in the column provided.

If the purchased mobile phone is an official guarantee, you will see the Purchasing Country information written Indonesia. Through the above site, we can also find out the activation time and production time of Xiaomi mobile phones. For more details, please refer to the following information “How To Check Xiaomi Mobile First Time Activated

Oh well, for the official Xiaomi cellphone has a dusbook with a TAM logo. Whereas for non-official or distributors usually bear the Bless logo or other distributors.

3. Checking the Software

Xiaomi update

Actually it is fine to buy a non-official Xiaomi cellphone warranty or distributor warranty. But don't expect to be able to claim a guarantee to the official Xiaomi service center in case of damage. Another problem is Software. Because, on average, the HP Xioami distributor cannot update the software, because the operating system used has been modified by the distributor.

When buying a used Xiaomi cellphone you must check the software or firmware version, whether it can be updated or not. If it turns out that it cannot be updated, then it is probable that the second-hand cellphone purchased is a distributor's warranty. Usually this happens on Chinese versions of Xiaomi phones marketed in Indonesia. But for the global version usually can still get software updates regularly.

3. Checking Hardware & Screen Conditions

Xiaomi screen sensitivity test

In the previous xiaomidev.com article, we had discussed about “How to Check Xiaomi Touscreen” You can follow the method to check the condition of used Xiaomi cellphone screen. How to check is also very easy, because only need to access the secret Xiaomi code via the phone call menu. Where the code is * # * # 64663 # * # *.

By typing the code above you will enter the hardware test menu, such as sensors, sound, vibrate, screen function, and several other tests. Now to check the condition of the screen, choose the Touch Sensor and Display menu. In addition, you can also check all matters related to the hadware through the secret code above.

4. Check the battery

Xiaomi Battery Consumption

Battery is a major problem that often occurs on used Xiaomi cellphones. There are often used cellphones whose battery condition is not good so it feels wasteful and runs out quickly. Then the question, how do I check the condition of used Xiaomi cellphone batteries?

How to check your used Xiaomi cellphone for battery problems can see it in the After menu, then choose the Battery & Performance menu. This menu has a feature available to view Battery Power Usage. Please click on this feature, then pay attention to the battery usage, whether normal or not.

5. Checking Physical Conditions

How to Check Xiaomi Used Cellphone Physical Condition

The last one is to check the physical condition. Look at each side of the handphone, is there a blister or not. Apart from that, you have to look at parts of the screen. Who knew the screen had been scratched or even broken. If there seems to be a break, it is most likely to have fallen or been hit by a hard object.

To find out whether a cellphone has been dismantled or not yet can also be seen in terms of physical. Usually for mobile phones that have been dismantled there will be traces of glue on the side of the screen. In addition, sometimes there will be a cavity in the casing that indicates that the mobile phone has been dismantled.

6. Check Each Button

No less important is checking the functions of each button, such as the power button, volume button, and fingerprint button. Make sure everything functions normally and is still comfortable to use.

7. Camera Check

How to Check Xiaomi Camera Mobile

How to check the next used Xiaomi cell phone is to check the camera. Make sure there are no blisters on the lens because it will greatly affect the quality of photos and videos taken. You can also directly try the camera function to make sure the quality.

8. See Purchase Notes

Xiaomi Mobile Purchase Note

The purchase note will be proof of when to purchase a smartphone. But for those who get a used Xiaomi cellphone without a purchase receipt, then they can view the activation time information through buy.mi.co.id/id/registration as we said above.

9. Check the Speaker

How to Check Used Xiaomi Mobile Phones

In addition to checking the used Xiaomi cellphone above, you also need to check the condition of the speaker. Make sure the sound is still good and not shrill. To check, you can use Xiaomi's secret code * # * # 64663 # * # * or by playing music. If the speaker conditions are still good, of course the sound will sound clear and not broken.

10. Check Signal and SIM Card

How to Check Xiaomi Second Handphone

IMEI blocking regulations already apply. With this regulation, non-official Xiomi mobile phones that are not registered on the Ministry of Industry website (imei.kemenperin.go.id) cannot use an Indonesian cellular provider. Therefore, you must check it by inserting the SIM card into the SIM Card slot. If the signal appears and can be used for telephone, SMS and internet access, it means it is safe.

So there are some tips on how to check used Xiaomi cellphones that you must do before or after buying a used Xiaomi cellphone. The above method can also be applied when you buy a new Xiaomi mobile phone so you don't buy it wrong. In essence we have to check as a whole, be it physical, hardware and software. Don't forget to check using it Xiaomi Secret Code by typing * # * # 64663 # * # *. That is all and thank you


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