7 Latest Xiaomi Themes Translucent All MIUI 11 Applications (BEST)

Latest Xiaomi themes – For you Mi Fans, it must be an obligation to use all the features available on Xiaomi Mobile, one of them is Theme. Xioami's User Interface, MIUI, is always able to offer many interesting themes for all of its smartphone line ups. Both older and newer versions of MIUI users can certainly enjoy Xiaomi's themes.

For fans who don't have an MIUI account, they are expected to immediately create one MIUI ACCOUNT so that later they can enjoy various MIUI themes for free. Besides being able to enjoy various themes for free by having an MIUI account, you can also enjoy various other advantages of MIUI.

In 2020 alone, almost all Xioami smartphones have received the latest MIUI update, MIUI 11. Where with the latest update MIUI is increasingly friendly with the Android 10 System which is also increasingly friendly with features such as DARK MODE. Xiaomi users clearly get an update to MIUI 11 is an obligation because they can enjoy a variety of new features that are very interesting.

You users of the latest Xiaomi mobile phones will certainly be able to enjoy MIUI 11, but a different story for Mi Fans of older Xiaomi cellphone users who could also not yet get the latest MIUI updates. This time XIOAMIDEV.COM will provide interesting information for you who want to find the Latest Xiaomi Themes Translucent All Applications and their recommendations.

1. P4_Dark

Xiaomi theme 1

One of the themes that is quite interesting and Xiaomidev recommends is P4_Dark. As the name suggests, this Xiaomi theme is very friendly for fans who love the dark mode. This theme will also come with many advantages such as attractive widgets and wallpapers that can be automatically replaced.

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Xiaomidev itself has tried this theme and it is very satisfying, the settings and navigation menus have also changed. In addition, some applications also seem to change, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube and several other applications. This theme is also very friendly for those of you who like the Google Pixel 4 style look.

2. Crispy Dark V11

Xiaomi theme 2

The next translucent Xiaomi theme is Crispy Dark V11 by Akman. Where this theme also has many advantages besides being able to penetrate several applications. Another plus is the clock widget which is quite large. Besides this theme that fits MIUI 11 will also bring a fairly large icon, for those of you who don't like it, it can be minimized.

3. Fantasy-V11

Xiaomi theme 3

One more theme that is very interesting and able to penetrate several applications such as WA, Instagram and also several other applications. What is interesting is the theme this time is very reminiscent of the iPhone for using the Planet wallpaper. Oh yes, this theme can be downloaded if you change the location settings and move to the Indian Region.

4. Dark-Ui

Xiaomi 4 theme

The next Translucent Xiaomi theme also uses the dark concept. The dark appearance is indeed felt in some parts, but the appearance of the full color icon makes it even more interesting. This theme also translates into a variety of applications, so it will make it look more attractive.

5. Dark Android One_DWM4

Xiaomi 5 theme

The next option that Xiaomidev recommends is the Dark Android One_DWM4 theme. Besides clearly translucent in other applications such as Wa and IG this theme also has a very interesting customization. The hallmark of this one theme is clear with the existence of a large Clock Widget like some HTC Smartphones.

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6. The Style V11

Xiaomi 6 theme

The next theme that also penetrates some applications is The Style V11, where to be able to use this theme, fans must first change the region to India. This theme can also be interesting for you who like icons with a box shape. This application will come with a lot of interesting things and changes in various lines. This theme is very suitable for you who like colorful colors.

7. Oppo Reno Ace Gundam

Latest Xiaomi Themes Translucent All Apps

Next is the Oppo Reno Ace Gundam which might be one of the cool wallpapers on your Xiaomi smartphone. For you who suke various Gundam characters on this one. This one theme is also translucent in various apps so it will change the look of your smartphone.

That's in some of the Xiaomi Xiaomi Translucent HP themes that we recommend. But if you do not find the theme in the application, you must change the region. If previously the Indonesian region then please change to India. Or you can also read our previous article replacing “How to Customize Xiaomi Themes.


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