How to make a COVID-19 test appointment with a doctor through Halodoc

How to Make an Appointment with a Doctor for the COVID-19 Header Test

Gadgetren – Halodoc has just announced that it has expanded cooperation with several related hospitals including Mitra Keluarga Hospital, St. Hospital. Carolus, Mayapada Hospital, Primaya Hospital, and Bina Husada Cibinong Hospital.

Besides being able to consult for free about mild to high corona virus symptoms, now users can also make an appointment with a doctor to be able to undergo Rapid and PCR Tests on the application.

To be able to make COVID-19 test appointments provided by the Halodoc health service platform, users must ensure that the Haodoc application used is the latest version.

Steps to Make an Appointment for a COVID-19 Test at Halodoc

  1. Click Test COVID-19 on the start page of the Halodoc application.
  2. Select Test Facility.
  3. Select the COVID-19 Test Type (Rapid or PCR Test).
  4. Select Schedule of Visits.
  5. Complete your ID and upload a photo ID card.
  6. Make a payment.
  7. Registration is successful and wait for the schedule confirmation SMS before leaving for the test location.

In option three, the user can choose the location of the hospital, the day and time of the test, as well as the desired service package for rapid tests, PCR, or other health check packages.

Do not forget for the user to complete point five by uploading an ID card photo as a complete registration process and completing the payment process. Furthermore, proof of registration will be obtained via SMS and notification in the Halodoc application for reuse during registration at the test location.

Book a COVID-19 Test Appointment by Halodoc

The Halodoc application is equipped with the main features, namely Talk with a Doctor (Chat with a Doctor) that allows patients to chat as well as video calls or voice calls with experienced and trusted doctors from the user's smart phone.

Halodoc can also buy drugs (Buy Medicines) that help users buy supplements, vitamins, and medicines safely because they are delivered directly to the place by motorcycle taxi online. Patients can also upload physical prescriptions to the application.

The Visit a Hospital feature also allows patients to make appointments with doctors from a smart phone so that when they arrive at the hospital they do not need to take care of administration and directly consult with doctors without long lines and Laboratory Services in collaboration with Prodia.


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