31 Ways to Overcome Forgotten Patterns on Xiaomi Mobile All Types

How to Overcome Forgotten Patterns on Xiaomi Mobile Phones – Currently the technology on an Android smartphone is already very sophisticated. So that the cellphone security system and HP are even more awake and more secure. One feature that is widely used by people today is a screen lock feature. With this feature the smartphone will be safer, because usually only users who know the password or pattern used to open the cellphone screen.

Yes, in this feature you can use patterns or what is currently popular is the fingerprint scanner feature. With this feature, you only touch your fingers, your smartphone screen will automatically open immediately. But what happens if the smartphone that we use forgets the pattern we made? This of course we will not be able to open the cellphone screen.

Now, to overcome this kind of thing you do not need to panic and worry, because you can use the following methods. To overcome this problem you really have to find a way so that your smartphone can be opened again. So how do you overcome forgotten patterns on Xiaomi Mobile? Well here are some easy and fast steps.

How to Overcome Forgotten Patterns

Locking a smartphone using a pattern or password is safer than simply sliding or gesturing to open it. This is related to maintaining user privacy. However, it has some disadvantages, that is, if we often change the pattern or password

Overcoming forgetting patterns on an android smartphone is not as easy as we imagine. We do have to understand the ways and steps in order to deal with it properly without having to reset the smartphone. For that we will share a little information so you can do it yourself at home. And here is how to overcome forgotten patterns on Xiaomi Mobile.

Forgot the password

For the first way, we can use the forget password menu. Actually it is quite easy to use this method, the article you only need to enter the password forget menu and you just follow the steps. And here is how to overcome forgotten patterns on Xiaomi Mobile by using the password loop menu, along with the information.

  • The first step you only need to enter a password or pattern randomly up to 5 times (one is true no problem.
  • Then a notification will appear informing you that you cannot enter the password and must wait for 186 seconds, then it will reappear.
  • Furthermore, at the bottom the options will appear, and at the bottom there is the Forgot Password menu then click.
  • Then you will be directed to the menu and enter your Xiaomi email account.
  • After that, you open your cellphone again if the email address you entered is correct. Don't forget, you have to connect to the internet to be able to do it.

2. Using Mi Cluoud

Mi Cloud

Then the second way is to use Mi Cloud. To use this method is indeed quite easy and simple, but for those of you who don't know how, it will definitely be a little confusing. Well, here is how to overcome forgotten patterns on Xiaomi Mobile by using Mi Cloud, the following information.

  • The first step is that you first need to activate the Find Device feature on your Mi Cloud account.
  • Next, you visit the following web page https://i.mi.com. You can use your cellphone or computer then select Sig In.
  • After that, choose Find Device and look for the Reset Password menu.
  • Then you can reset your password or password to enter your Xiaomi phone.

3. Factory Reset

factory reset

For how to overcome forgotten patterns on the next Xiaomi Mobile is to use a Factory Reset. By using this method, you will certainly be easier to replace the password or password that you forgot. Well, here are the steps in using a factory reset to overcome if you forget the pattern on your Xiaomi cellphone.

  • The first step is to turn off the cellphone. If the cellphone is off, press and hold two keys, the volume up (+) and the power button simultaneously for several minutes.
  • Then the appearance will change to menu or recovery mode, and if you have entered the menu, release the button.
  • In this view you will be presented with several menu choices. Then press the volume button as the navigation to select and the power button to Ok.
  • After that select the Wipe and Reset menu.
  • Next select Wipe Change, then select Wipe and Reset. After that, choose another menu, namely Wipe User Data.
  • Then restart the cellphone by selecting the Reboot to System menu, and the phone will automatically turn off and the reboot or restart process is running.
  • After that, wait until the restart process is complete or the cell phone returns to life.
  • So until it's finished, and your cellphone can be used again and as good as new again.

4. Using ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

Android Debug Bridge

Then you can also use other methods to overcome a Xiaomi cellphone that forgets the pattern or password. By using ADB or Adroid Debug Bridge your cellphone can indeed return to normal and can be reopened. However, unfortunately using this method is quite complicated, so you must know the steps. And here is how to overcome forgotten patterns on Xiaomi mobile phones using ADB.

  • The first step you need to do is to turn off your cellphone first. Next enter fastboot mode.
  • The trick is when the cellphone is off, press the volume down (-) button and press the Power button simultaneously.
  • Next, connect your Xiaomi handphone to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Open CMD (Command Prompth) on the PC then type the adb shell command rm / data / system / gusture.key.
  • After that, restart your cellphone, and after restarting the display does not appear to display patterns or passwords on your cellphone. And if you want to add a password or pattern, you can enter the settings menu or settings to add a new pattern or password.

5. Using ADM (Android Device Manager)

And how to overcome forgotten patterns on the next Xiaomi Mobile is to use ADM or Android Device Manager. This method is used if you have used the methods above but were unsuccessful. To use this method is fairly easy and the following is how to overcome forgotten patterns on Xiaomi mobile phones using ADM.

  • For the first step you have to do is make sure you remember the email and password that is on your cellphone.
  • If you remember, please visit the following web http://www.google.com/android/devicemanager.
  • After that, you will be taken to a web page and will be told to log in to enter your e-mail account and password.
  • You can also use Google email, but because this is to open your Xiaomi cellphone, the email you use must be the same as the email used to register your Xiaomi account for the first time.
  • When you have successfully entered you will see several menus, select the Lock menu or Lock.
  • And if it doesn't appear then just click refresh. Next enter a new password or password so that you can enter your Xiaomi cellphone again.
  • Then reconfirm the password you entered earlier and click the Lock button.
  • After that, please wait for a few moments until the password change process is complete.
  • And if it is finished, please log in to your phone using the new password or pattern.

That's how to overcome forgotten patterns on Xiaomi Mobile easily and quickly. The methods above are indeed easy to understand and understand. So that if something like this happens, forget the pattern, you won't panic and stay calm. Because you can use the method above to overcome them.

Yes, you can use the above methods for all types of Xiaomi brand mobile phones. So you will be easier and easier if you forget the pattern or password on your Xiaomi phone. Now, with this information, hopefully you can understand it and understand, so that you are not confused at any time if you forget the pattern or password on your cellphone.


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