2 Ways to Screenshot of Android 10 which is commonly used to capture the screen

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Gadgetren – You can take screenshots or screenshots very easily on a variety of new devices that glide today, including on devices based Android 10.

But to do this, you can't use the screenshot method carelessly because every manufacturer provides this support uniquely, you can't use one method at all Android device.

In general, taking screenshots on Android 10 is fortunately the same as taking screenshots on previous Android systems. For those of you who don't know, there are at least two different methods commonly used in manufacturing this in particular for phones based on Android 9 to the top.

The first method is the screenshot method using physical buttons. This method in my opinion is the method most widely used on most cellphones today such as phones made by Samsung, realm, or OPPO.

To use this method, you can open the view that you want to save first and then press power button (power) together with turn down button (volume down) for a few moments until a preview or typical camera button sounds.

As for the second method, some manufacturers such as Google on Pixel use the power button lighter to activate the screenshot feature on their device.

Almost the same as the first method, you need to open the page that will be saved first before using the method of taking screenshots with this power button.

You next only need to press power button for just a few seconds like when it will turn off power, then choose the Screenshot option on the menu that appears to take a screenshot with this method.

Although it is easy to use, but I need to reiterate that each device usually only packs one of the two methods above. So when you don't know which method the device uses, you can try both in turn.

But if neither of the two methods above can be used, you can open it documentation or customer support pages according to the manufacturing of the cellphone used.

You also for this could not hurt to also learn how to do screenshots on Android 10 on the page even though both methods above can already be used because some manufacturers have screenshot support using certain gestures that are easier to use.


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