Latest Xiaomi Touch Screen Prices 2020: ALL TYPE OF XIAOMI

Price of Xiaomi Touch Screen – Xioami has many types of smartphones to date. With so many Xiaomi smartphones on the market especially Indonesia is a testament to Xiaomi's success in capturing the Indonesian market share. This is also balanced with the number of xiaomi HP parts or spare parts on the market.

With so many xiaomi HP parts on the market, it certainly makes us as users of the xiaomi cell phone it seems to not have to worry anymore about the difficulty of replacing HP parts if damaged. One of the most common parts on the market, of course, is the touch screen or touchscreen. This is because many users often experience obstacles on the screen, either because of a fall which makes the HP screen broken up to damage to the HP screen.

Damage to the screen of the Smartphone is a frightening specter that is ready to approach us as smartphone users themselves. So it's not surprising that we usually readily provide protection to smartphones, especially on the screen by adding Additional Screen Protectors. The best screen protector is certainly able to provide high protection on the smartphone screen, not only makes it not easily scratched but also makes the HP screen not easily broken even if it falls.

But usually it will be in vain if the HP screen layer that has been given an additional screen protector is not balanced with the casing on the body. Karen cell phone that falls on the body can also make the screen not only broken but also gives an effect on the touchscreen. This time will provide interesting information regarding Xiaomi's obligatory Touch Screen Price List.

Latest Xiaomi Touch Screen Prices

In this review, Xiaomidev has summarized several types of LCD screens for Xiaomi phones at the best price. But do not be surprised if later you see a difference in price at the service in the city of Mi Fans. Because the price of the touch screen this time we get from the best online stores.

1. Price of Touch Screen Xiaomi Redmi Series

No Type Price
1 Redmi 8 touchscreen Rp. 255,000
2 Redmi 8a touchscreen Rp. 250,000
3 Redmi 7 touchscreen Rp. 155,000
4 Redmi 7A touchscreen Rp. 150,000
5 Redmi 6 touchscreen Rp. 105,000
6 Redmi 6A touchscreen Rp. 110,000
7 Redmi 5 touchscreen Rp. 150,000
8 Redmi 5A touchscreen Rp. 145,000
9 Redmi Touchscreen 4 Rp. 125,000
10 Redmi 4X touchscreen Rp. 125,000
11 Redmi 4Pro Touchscreen Rp. 125,000
12 Redmi 4Prime touchscreen Rp. 130,000
13 Redmi 4A touchscreen Rp. 110,000
14 Redmi Touchscreen 3 Rp. 90,000
15 Redmi 2 touchscreen Rp. 35,000

2. Xiaomi Mi Series Touch Screen Prices

No Type Price
1 Xiaomi MI 9 touchscreen Rp. 450,000
2 Touchscreen Xiaomi MI 9 Lite Rp. 400,000
3 Xiaomi Mi 8 touchscreen Rp. 420,000
4 Touchscreen Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Rp. 250,000
5 Touchscreen Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Rp. 400,000
6 Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Touchscreen Rp. 260,000
7 Xiaomi Mi 6 touchscreen Rp. 326,000
8 Xiaomi Mi 5 touchscreen Rp. 230,000
9 Xiaomi Mi 5C Touchscreen Rp. 200,000
10 Xiaomi Mi 4 touchscreen Rp. 233,000
11 Xiaomi Mi 4c touchscreen Rp. 175,000
12 Xiaomi Mi 4i touchscreen Rp. 171,000
13 Xiaomi Mi Max touchscreen Rp. 227,000
14 Xiaomi Mi Max 2 touchscreen Rp. 230,000
10 Xiaomi Mi Max 3 touchscreen Rp. 300,000
11 Xiaomi Mi 9T Touchscreen Rp. 1,230,000
12 Xiaomi Black Shark Touchscreen Rp. 230,000

3. Price of Touch Screen Xiaomi Redmi Note Series

No Type Price
1 Redmi Note 8 touchscreen Rp. 375,000
2 Redmi Note 8 Pro touchscreen Rp. 375,000
3 Redmi Note 7 touchscreen Rp. 175,000
4 Redmi Note 7 Pro touchscreen Rp. 175,000
5 Redmi Note 6 touchscreen Rp. 185,000
6 Redmi Note 5 touchscreen Rp. 163,000
7 Redmi Note 5 Pro touchscreen Rp. 163,000
8 Redmi Note 4 touchscreen Rp. 155,000
9 Redmi Note 3 touchscreen Rp. 150,000
10 Redmi Note 2 touchscreen Rp. 125,000
11 Redmi Note 1 touchscreen Rp. 115,000
12 Redmi GO Touchscreen Rp. 171,000
13 Redmi Note 3 touchscreen Rp. 150,000
14 Redmi Note 2 touchscreen Rp. 125,000
15 Redmi Note 1 touchscreen Rp. 115,000
12 Redmi GO Touchscreen Rp. 171,000

Now that's some of the latest Xiaomi Touchscreen Prices of all types, where the Price Table above can change at any time in accordance with the seller's policy. Xiaomidev also informed that each of the latest Xiaomi mobile phones certainly has a price of a Touchscreen that is much more expensive than the previous cellphone. You also recommend for those of you who will replace the Touchsreen smartphone, try to use only services. Because replacing the smartphone screen is somewhat difficult especially for those who are still beginners and not accustomed.

Usually the price of Toucscreen is even cheaper compared to the screen mounting service. This is because not many people have the ability to replace a broken cell phone screen, so it's not surprising that the price of cell phone screen replacement service is usually not cheap. Thus the information this time may be useful for Mi Fans who need similar information.


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