Eight JD.id Efforts to Help the Government Minimize the Spread of the Corona Virus


Gadgetren – On the fourth anniversary of JD.id on March 28, 2020, JD.id supports and promotes government efforts to minimize the spread of corona (COVID-19) by encouraging customers to remain #DiRumahAja and ensure the #DijaminSampai order package.

In its implementation, JD.id will focus on preparing the best end-to-end services from warehouse, drop point, courier, customer service, to after sales. In addition, JD.id also takes various preventive measures to ensure the cleanliness of the work environment, stock of goods, packages ready to send, as well as the health and safety of all employees.

There are several efforts made by JD.id on every aspect of the service both before and even after the package reaches the customer. First, ensuring that warehouses, drop points, and employees on duty are always in a clean and healthy condition because the health and safety of both employees and customers is a top priority for JD.id.

The policy called 5R (Concise, Neat, Clean, Clean, and Diligent) is a work guideline that has been applied by warehouse employees and drop points so far.

One example is the strict implementation of the “Mandatory Sanitation Requirements” starting from sterilization by spraying disinfectants before employees enter the work area, checking body temperature regularly, the obligation to wash hands or use hand sanitizers, and the use of gloves and masks for all warehouse employees .

This is done in order to keep goods free of all viruses and bacteria. In addition to spraying disinfectants in all warehouse areas, JD.id also spraying in all areas of the drop point.

Second, periodically adding stock of goods in the warehouse as one of JD.id's top priorities. Through this effort, JD.id can ensure an adequate quantity of product stock, especially in terms of food supply, health products, and medicines that are currently most desirable and needed by the community.


Third, check carefully every item received from the supplier during the loading process and carry out quality control on a regular basis. “Not just accepting so” is one of the motto held by warehouse employees when loading goods by the supplier.

In this process, JD.id warehouse employees carefully check samples of goods sent to ensure the goods have an official marketing authorization, have clear expiration date information, and are suitable for use or consumption.

Warehouse employees also routinely carry out quality control to ensure the receipt, storage, collection, packaging and delivery of goods from the warehouse takes place according to applicable standards.

Fourth, neatly package customer order packages according to JD.id's SOP to ensure packages ready to send are in accordance with applicable Standard of Procedure (SOP). Each package will be neatly packaged and then rechecked before finally being delivered to the courier for delivery.

Fifth, proper and routine shipping fleets are cleaned. JD.id carries out regular cleaning and checking of the shipping fleet to ensure guaranteed security.


The fleet will be periodically checked for eligibility until then cleaned, before finally being used to deliver package orders to the drop point or directly to the customer's home. This means that not one point was missed by JD.id in preparing and sending order packages to customers.

Sixth, JD.id provides a convenient online shopping experience for customers by delivering daily needs directly to the door of the house.

JD.id's supply chain and logistics services are more vigilant through collaborating with several leading logistics companies with an alert and responsive courier to ensure customer packages arrive at their destination quickly and safely.

Seventh, JD.id's Customer Service (CS) team is ready to serve all customers every day for 24 hours starting from answering questions to responding to complaints or refunds. The experienced CS JD.id team will strive to provide the best service quickly, accurately and responsively.

Eighth, handling requests for customer returns carefully and deftly. For some reason, there are some customers who want to propose an exchange or return of a product that has been purchased.

Therefore, JD.id presents a rigorous and agile after-sales team in handling these customer requests. This is done to ensure customers are satisfied shopping at JD.id, even after the goods arrive in their hands.


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