Impressions of the realm of 6 Pro in the eyes of Andre Wiredja as a fashion photographer


Gadgetren – In the early 2020s, the 6 Series realm was launched in Indonesia with a strong performance as well as photography. A fashion photographer named Andre Wiredja who is also a brand ambassadors of reality will share the impression of using the Pro 6 realm.

Before we know how Andre Wiredja's impression of using the Real Pro 6 in his fashion photography works, we need to remember again about the mainstay specifications brought by the Real Pro 6.

The brain parts of the Real Pro 6 are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G which is designed with an 8nm fabrication process. The screen size is 6.6 inches which has a refresh rate of up to 90Hz.

The most interesting advantage of the Pro 6 realm is that it includes six cameras consisting of a dual front camera with a wide angle lens and a rear camera of 64MP Quad with hybrid zoom capability of up to 20x. The dual front camera has a Sony IMX471 wide-angle 16MP lens plus an 8MP lens that is capable of capturing 105 ° images.

For Andre Wiredja, the superiority of the Pro 6 realm with its 64MP main camera makes the results of the shots very detailed. Other lenses such as telephoto, ultra wide, and macro lenses, according to him, make it easy to shoot with maximum results.

“I don't need to edit a lot because the raw results are really good to look at and I don't think it turns out I can produce high quality fashion photos using only the Real Pro 6. The results of the photos that I got were also very fine, so I'm satisfied with the performance of the Real Pro 6 in terms of the photography, “he told the Gadgetren team via direct message from his Instagram account (27/03/2020).

Because he is engaged in fashion photography, Andre often uses the Real Pro 6 to take portrait photos and explore various concepts that suit his photography style.

Thus, according to him the performance of Real Pro 6 is very qualified to be able to produce photos with good details according to expectations. “By paying attention to composition, color coordination, and lighting, all the details that I hope can be captured well,” he said.

As for the experience of recording with Real Pro 6 video which is staying has a video stabilization feature, he added that the Real Pro 6 camera is capable of producing stable moving images. “The more visible when taking video using an ultra wide angle lens,” he concluded.


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