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Gadgetren – There is no stopping in the realm of action in Indonesia because in early 2020 it was opened by launching reality 6 into the market.

Present in the Comet Blue and Comet White variants, Realme 6 brings the slogan “64MP Pro Camera. Pro Display “which implies the ability of the camera and screen. Does Realme 6 have special secrets in the screen and camera segments that make it superior to competitors?

For more details, here are my experiences using Realm 6.

When viewed at a glance, Realme 6 looks like it has a calm design with a glossy texture. But if you look closely, the back of Realme 6 has a surprise design look inspired by a comet when it crosses the solar system.

The design causes the rear to emit light concentrated in the USB-C port hole when viewed from a certain angle, like a comet approaching the sun.

review the realm of 6 rear view

This quite unique design makes the reality 6 give the impression that it is not an ordinary smartphone. Besides the realm logo embedded in the left corner and the camera module, there is nothing else that covers the back so that the comet's design can look more leverage.

This is possible because the realm of choosing to bring the finger scan sensor together with the power button. Honestly, I prefer the placement of this finger scan sensor over the one embedded on the back because it is more accessible, especially when placed on a table.

Plus the sensor is very accurate and very fast in detecting my fingerprint. The realm itself holds that the sensor only takes 0.29 seconds to read the user's fingerprint.

a review of the 6 screen realm

Turning to the front, there is a 6.5 inch Ultra Smooth screen that has been coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with a screen-to-body ratio reaching 90.5%. Interestingly, the screen with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels turns out to have a refresh rate of 90Hz and 120Hz sampling.

This combination makes the Realme 6 screen capable of offering a more immersive experience when enjoying various types of multimedia content compared to smartphones in general. It not only displays sharp images and bright colors, but also produces smooth animation movements thanks to a higher refresh rate.

As a result I can enjoy the game and watch the video thanks to the screen that can display visually qualified. Not only when consuming content, this high refresh rate screen also makes system navigation and other general activities comfortable because the screen feels more responsive.

review UI realm 6

Moreover, Realm 6 already uses the UI interface UI based on the Android 10 system so that it already has the latest features. Its simple appearance resembles an Android stock causing the system to work more quickly and quickly. This certainly affects the overall usage experience.

Even though it looks simple, the UI realm is still full of superior features such as Game Space, Phone Manager, App Cloner, to Digital Wellbeing. Even the UI realm can recognize and group media files to be more easily found.

These applications and features are quite helpful for me in doing my daily activities and taking care of my smartphone to stay nimble.

However, of course the main reason why Realme 6 has high performance lies in the MediaTek Helio G90T chipset that is embedded in it. Designed using 12nm fabrication, the chipset is able to offer powerful and efficient performance.

review realm 6 specs

The chipset relies on AIE (Artificial Intelligence Engine) and two Cortex-A76 cores to produce high performance and six more efficient Cortex A55 cores to provide optimal performance. At the same time there is also a Mali-G76 GPU which is tasked with processing graphics.

This combination allows Realme 6 to deliver powerful performance in all activities whether it's just surfing the internet to heavier activities like playing games. His ability was also proven by the score he got in the benchmark application.

In the AnTuTu v8 application, Realme 6 scores 289,029 points while Geekbench 5 wins 470 points for Single-Core and 1,643 points for Multi-Core. While on PCMark for Work successfully reached 10,492 points.

review of the Benchmark 6 realm

This figure is far higher than the entire Realism 5 row that the Gadgetren team previously tested. Therefore do not be surprised if the realm dare say that realm 6 is an improvement from the realm 5 Pro, not the usual 5 realm.

For realm 6 that I use this is an 8GB RAM variant with 128GB of internal storage which is very sufficient for most application needs that exist today. But realism also provides a 4GB variant for those who feel they don't need more than that.

If the storage capacity is deemed lacking, the realm also provides support for up to 256GB microSD in addition to two SIM card slots. Providing three card slots is certainly an advantage in itself because I don't need to sacrifice one like a hybrid slot.

a review of the 6 slot realm

With such a benchmark score, of course I am very curious about his ability to actually run the game. Therefore I immediately run a few favorite games at this time.

In the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, I can activate all the graphic settings that are up to High and activate HFR Mode. With these settings, the game still runs very smoothly until the game is over.

Realm 6 Mobile Legend

As one of the most popular mobile games in Indonesia, this is certainly a very positive thing. The performance provided by Realme 6 will certainly not disappoint you Mobile Legends players.

Next I try to play PUBG Mobile which is somewhat heavier because 3D objects are displayed in more detail. Unexpectedly, it turns out Realme 6 can run this one game on HDR graphics settings with Ultra frame rates.

review 6 PUBGM

As a result playing PUBG Mobile on this smartphone was very pleasant because every movement was very smooth and there were no breaks or lags at all during the game.

The more I want to prove my gaming skills at Realme 6, I finally run Black Desert Mobile. For those of you who don't know, Black Desert Mobile is probably one of the most captivating MMO games available today.

review of gaming realm 6

To be able to get such beautiful visuals, of course the power needed is also not small. But apparently, reality 6 can still bulldoze this one game easily. Even I can still choose the maximum graphics settings and the game still runs smoothly.

After personally experiencing the performance given by Realme 6, there are no other words that I can say besides extraordinary. This smartphone, which is classified as middle class, is able to crush all the games that I run.

The high-performance MediaTek Helio G90T chipset is then combined with a lightweight UI realm allowing Realme 6 to provide a very smooth gaming and general navigation experience. Therefore, the performance of the smartphone made by this time's realism is unquestionable.

Along with that high performance, of course there is a sense of concern about battery life because in theory the more power is produced, the more energy is needed.

Bringing a capacity of 4,300mAh battery, Realme 6 was able to last for 8 hours 29 minutes when I tested using PCMark for Android at a screen brightness level of 50%. The numbers are fairly ordinary when compared with smartphones in this class.

Real Battery 6 review

I myself hope that at least there is a 5,000mAh battery in it so that it can be quieter when used everyday. Fortunately, the realm of providing 30W Flash Charge technology is able to charge batteries very quickly.

When the battery is only 18% left, I only need to wait for about 1 hour 2 minutes so that the power is fully charged again and ready to be used again. In fact, some smartphones in general require almost 2 hours or even more on such a large battery capacity.

In order to bring this very fast charging, realm also provides five layers of security protection for the entire charging process. Therefore do not be surprised if the charger head available in the sales package has a large size with a slightly different shape.

So far Realme 6 has unusual capabilities ranging from the screen to charging, then what about the photography segment?

a review of the realm of 6 camera modules

Having a 64MP AI Quad Camera with a 119 ° Ultra Wide-Angle lens as its main weapon, Realme 6 offers competitive photography flexibility without having to compromise about the resulting image quality.

The main camera uses a Samsung ISOCELL GW1 64MP sensor with a 6P lens that utilizes 4-in-1 pixel binning technology. The camera is also accompanied by an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens with a 119 ° viewing angle, a 2MP macro lens with a 4cm focus distance, and a 2MP B&W portrait lens.

While on the front there is a camera that realm refers to as 16MP In-display Selfie Camera embedded in punch-hole pieces in the upper left corner. A little unique, there is a punch-hole light effect that lights up every time the front camera is activated.

Overall I can say that the camera from Realme 6 is qualified because it can produce clear and good photos to be uploaded to social media. As proof, here are some examples of photos taken using the Realme 6 camera. (Touch each photo to see its original resolution)

Realme 6 rear camera auto canvasAuto

Realism 6 rear camera 64MP canvas64MP

Reality 6 back camera chromeboost flowersChroma Boost

Reality 6 rear camera catAuto

Reality 6 back camera chromeboost catChroma Boost

realme 6 ultra wide back cameraUltra Wide-Angle

Realme 6 auto cat rear cameraAuto

Reality 6 rear camera cat zoom 2x2x Zoom

Reality 6 back camera cat zoom 5x5x Zoom

Realme 6 auto car rear cameraAuto

realme 6 wide car rear cameraUltra Wide-Angle

Reality 6 rear camera 64MP rose

Reality 6 rear camera bw

realme 6 camera rear night auto shopAuto

the reality of the rear camera 6 night shop nightmodeNightscape

the reality of the rear camera 6 night road

Realme 6 auto front cameraAuto

Reality 6 front portrait cameraPortrait

Besides having reliable photography skills, Realme 6 can take videos pretty well. Moreover, there is support for UIS (Ultra Image Stabilization) video stabilization which allows the recording to look better when taken while walking.

Going forward, the realm will even bring the UIS Max feature through the next OTA update to provide even better stabilization capabilities. Unfortunately I can not try this feature because it is still not available, but so far the video recordings do look more stable.

Seeing all the capabilities offered, it would be very interesting to see the shock that Realism 6 provides in the Indonesian market. Through this smartphone, the reality succeeded in refining again the smartphone they produced in the previous generation.

Even though 2020 has just begun, it does not rule out the possibility that Realme 6 will be the king of Rp 3 million smartphones at least during the first half of this year. Amazing gaming capabilities with a large screen that is stunning and multifunctional cameras are the main weapons of this smartphone.

Not only that, reality 6 also features various features that make it very competitive for today's smartphones. Surely Realme 6 is perfect for those of you who want a powerful smartphone or for multimedia consumption.


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