How To Consult With Doctors Regarding Corona Virus Through Gojek And Halodoc Platforms


Gadgetren – As a step to speed up the handling of the corona virus in Indonesia, Halodoc together with Gojek Indonesia and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia have officially announced the cooperation of an online consulting service known as Check COVID-19.

To be able to use this service, there are several ways that you must follow. Besides being able to go through the Gojek platform, you can also consult with a doctor through Halodoc to find out the risk of being exposed to the corona virus or not.

That way you can find out how urgent you are to do a direct check or whether you need to isolate yourself without having to bother visiting the hospital. Moreover, there is also a drug delivery service provided by Gojek.

In the Gojek application, the telemedicine Check COVID-19 service from Halodoc is available in the form of a shuffle card. You can choose the COVID-19 Check shuffle card in the main screen of the Gojek application and it will be directed to the GoMed Check COVID-19 service.

How to Check COVID-19 on Gojek

  1. First install the Gojek application on your smartphone.
  2. Enter into the Gojek account.
  3. Click on the start page Gojek with the title Let's, #DiRumahAja.Recommended Method of Consultation COVID-19 Gojek and Halodoc
  4. Click the menu below with the sentence “Your concern is answered by the doctor”.
  5. Wait for the Halodoc service GoMed page to appear with the chat feature.
  6. Use the chat feature to identify the symptoms of the corona virus.
  7. Choose a doctor who makes you comfortable for consultation.Features-How-Consultation-COVID-19-Gojek-and-Halodoc

Apart from the Gojek application, you can use Check COVID-19 in the Halodoc application to consult about the health symptoms that are being experienced and conduct a “self-assessment” or self-assessment related to COVID-19.

Through the Halodoc Application

  1. Install it Halodoc application on your smartphone.
  2. Register a Halodoc account in your name if you don't have one already.
  3. Enter the Halodoc application.
  4. Click the “COVID-19” menu,
  5. Use the Chat feature to identify the symptoms of the corona virus.
  6. Choose a doctor who is suitable for consultation.
  7. Verification from a doctor.

Later you will be given a note by a doctor consisting of two categories of low and medium which will then be directed to quarantine at home or given a recommendation of medicine delivered to the home by Gojek. If based on the corona virus risk verification results are fairly high, then you will be directed to the nearest referral hospital.

The presence of this program hopefully you can find out how much risk you have before you have to come directly to the hospital. That way you can be a little cautious and not have to worry too much.

Especially now that more and more people want to find out whether they are exposed to the COVID-19 virus or not, which ultimately makes the crowd at the checkpoint. Well, the initiation of the program promoted by Gojeck and Halodoc certainly deserves our appreciation.


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