2 ways for you to capture screenshots who want to capture the screen realm 5i

How to Screenshot 5i Realme Headers

Gadgetren – Although Reality 5i has been sliding since January 2020 yesterday, but there are still some users who are confused to take advantage of some features including the screenshot feature.

Though in general, how to use this feature is very easy to do because it is not much different from using the screenshot feature in most cellphone realm which has been circulating before.

There are at least two methods that can be used in realm 5i in this case, including screenshots using a combination of physical buttons and screenshots using gestures aka hand movements.

For the first screenshot method, you don't need to make any adjustments so the screenshot feature can be directly applied. You only need to open the page to be documented then press power button and volume down simultaneously.

Meanwhile, to use the second method, you must ensure that the settings for the feature are active first. You can check the settings directly on the Settings page.

First open Settings on the 5i realm phone that is used, then then search and open the menu Convenience Aid and select an option Gesture & Motion. Verify options 3-Finger Screenshot the Gesture & Motion page is active.

Next, open the screen that you want to capture. If the desired screen display is open, use the 3-Finger Screenshot feature by rubbing the 5i realme screen using three fingers from top to bottom.

The screenshot both using the first method and the second method can be opened directly through the preview that appears after the screenshot was successfully done by simply tapping on it.

But if the preview of the screenshot is closed, you can still open it through the Screenshot folder that appears in image viewer applications such as Photos which is the default application of ColorOS.

For additional information, the two screenshots of Reality 5i above can also be used to take long screenshots. But to activate this feature, you need to press the button Long Screenshot which appears when the preview image of the screenshot is displayed.

In addition, the two screenshots above can be used for a number of other reality devices, including Real 5 and Real 5 Pro.


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