Real Pro 6 review: 6 Camera, Pro Display

Today Realm officially launches its new 6 Series Realme product. This time GadgetSquad had the opportunity to do a review for one of its products, the Real Pro 6.

Real 6 Pro is actually not an upgrade from the Real 5 Pro, but this smartphone is an upgrade from the previous smartphone, the XT realm.

The advantage of this smartphone is in terms of a camera and a capable screen. What are the full features and what are the capabilities of this Real 6 Pro? Here is the full review.

The design

First we discuss the design. Smarthpone is formed with a design like a slick flash that embodies an innovative sense of art, combined with red and black with a powerful red lightning design.

realme has applied UV-curing offset printing technology for the first time. Hundreds of re-adjustments have been made to finally achieve the flash design pattern of Realme Pro 6 with rich layers and elegant textures.

Realme 6 Pro presents the fingerprint scanner on the side of the body for the first time that intelligently combines the power button and fingerprint recognition module.

With a capacitive recognition system, just one tap, it can open the cell phone instantly and also provides better security.

The Real Pro 6 design is also formed with three waterproof layers to guarantee quality from the inside out.

Where in layer one is a waterproof design glue. The waterproof glue used in this realm works to protect the placing of all small components placed inside the cellphone, so that everything is under protection.

In the second layer the realm uses a waterproof silicone gel design. The holes and gaps in the cell phone are very important in the waterproof design, because it can prevent water from entering through the earphone hole and the USB interface is very important to keep all cellphones safe from water. This silicone gel is used to cover all these holes.

Then in the third layer using a waterproof ring design. Apart from holes, gaps are also important in a waterproof design. The reality overcome this problem by encircling all SIM card slots, battery covers, and component connectors with foam-proof rings for protection.

Realme 6 Pro is equipped with a 3-card slot for two Nano SIM cards and one Micro SD card (up to 256GB). This slot is available on the left side of the body. Real Pro 6 itself itself actually has a memory variant of 8GB + 128GB.

90Hz Ultra Smooth Display

In terms of appearance, the Real Pro 6 Pro screen 6.6 inch Fullscreen with FHD resolution + This screen has an Ultra Smooth Display of 90Hz with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a sampling rate of 120Hz.

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Capable of producing 90 frames per second, the 90Hz screen has a refresh rate of 50% higher compared to conventional 60Hz screens, producing a smooth and smooth visual experience with each screen scroll.

With an incredible screen-to-body ratio, Realme 6 Pro brings you the highest visual experience.

This screen is equipped with a 20: 9 ratio, a screen-to-body ratio of 90.6%, with a brightness of 480nits. Not only does it show a good appearance, realm also covers the screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for better protection.

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This screen has a Punch-hole Light effect. The edge of the camera will light up when using face unlock or front camera.

The screen has been equipped with eye protection, which supports the function of adjusting the color temperature of the screen, by raising the color temperature of the screen to reduce the blue light radiation of the screen, to prevent eye strain. Can be set automatically to activate time.

Realme 6 Pro also has a Custom Color Mode that supports adjusting the screen color mode, supports two color display modes. In Vivid mode, the display will be in the P3 color gamut, the actual look and feel is more beautiful, and in Gentle mode, the display will be in the sRGB color gamut, and the color display will be more plain and real.

In addition there are also OSIE features. This feature supports the OSIE super clear visual effect function. The super clear visual effect increases the clarity of video display, color intensity, makes overall vision more extraordinary. Sharpen each frame to improve image clarity; Adjust image contrast to improve image visuals; Adjust the image histogram to increase the dynamic range of the image; Optimize the hue and saturation of each pixel by mounting polynomials to make the whole picture closer to what the human eye sees and more than what the human eye sees.


The user interface Realme 6 Pro uses an interface based on Android 10, built well for a better Android experience and closer to native.

The UI is designed keeping in mind the preferences and aesthetics of young consumers. UI realm will run smooth and pleasant to use. In Real 6 Pro, more and more new features are brought to this mainstream smartphone.

One of the benefits of this interface is the smart photo and video categorization. This feature automatically recognizes and groups your media files. Use 84 labels to group them neatly for a quick search. With it will meet the needs of most users for daily photography.

You can also personalize videos with Sleek Template. Namely by choosing only the best quality photos and videos. Choose from several sleek templates to enhance previously created videos.
The performance

Realme 6 Pro is the first smartphone in the world that was launched with Snapdragon 720G. This processor is made using a sophisticated 8nm production process, making it more powerful and efficient. The processor is equipped with a Kryo 465 CPU with two high-performance Cortex-A76 cores up to 2.3GHz and six high-efficiency Cortex-A55 cores up to 1.8GHz, along with the new Adreno 618 GPU, which is the same as the Snapdragon 730G.

Compared to the previous generation, Snapdragon 720G has a 10% increase in CPU performance, a 75% increase in GPU performance and a 120% increase in AIE performance.
That way you who like to play the game become smoother without any obstacles. As we tried when using it to play the PUBG Mobile game, this smartphone can run smoothly and don't lag.

This smartphone is also equipped with a newly upgraded 30W Flash Charge flash charge capability. With this feature, its 4300mAh battery can be fully charged in 60 minutes. And in just 30 minutes, it can fill almost 70%. Even when playing heavy games, 30W Flash Charge can charge up to 62% in just 60 minutes. Realme 6 Pro also supports 15W PD charging, making it more flexible.

The charging algorithm developed for Realme 6 Pro includes five layers of security protection and provides hardware-level security protection for the entire charging process.

6 Camera with 16MP Dual In-display Selfie

Realme 6 Pro is arguably the Most Powerful 6 Camera Phone. Why because it is equipped with a dual selfie camera with a 16MP Sony wide-angle main camera IMX471 + 8MP 105 ° super wide-angle camera. The shooting range is 2.5 times from before and with Edge Deformity Correction, and can recognize faces and automatically optimize facial contours when you shoot at the edges of the photo.

At the same time, both cameras also have wider advantages in a variety of cases by supporting HDR and super portrait Nightscape Selfie.

In terms of video, the combination of the two front cameras also makes it the most powerful selfie video camera today. If you want to take portrait photos, just activate Portrait Mode to record videos, you can get real-time video bokeh effects. The front camera Realme 6 Pro also supports Slo-Mo 1080p / 120fps Video Recording.

The rear camera Realme 6 Pro offers the latest ultra-clear camera set-up, consisting of a 64MP main camera, 12MP 20x Hybrid Zoom telephoto lens, 8MP 119 ° ultra wide-angle lens and a macro lens.

This camera uses a Samsung ISOCELL GW1 sensor: the main camera Realme 6 Pro is equipped with a Samsung GW1 64MP 1 / 1.72 inch sensor, a large aperture of f / 1.8, and a 6P lens.

The camera is embedded with a Bayer Quad intelligent binning 4-in-1 pixel mechanism that combines four adjacent pixels into one large 1.6μm pixel, increasing the resolution and quality of images taken even in low-light settings and displaying various details richly.

119 ° ultra wide-angle lens: With an f / 2.3 aperture, 8MP resolution, users do not need to reverse to take perfect shots thanks to this ultra-wide angle lens with a field of view of 119 °. Only one click is needed to switch to ultra-wide mode, allowing users to capture more stunning landscapes, architecture and groups.

Up to 20X Hybrid Zoom: With a large f / 2.5 aperture and PDAF support, a 2X 12MP hybrid optical zoom lens can achieve hybrid zoom up to 20X.

There is also an ultra-macro lens that allows users to get closer and discover the beauty of the micro world with a 4cm shooting distance.

In the camera available Nightscape 2.0 features, Nightscape 3.0 is enhanced with a tripod mode and Ultra Nightscape Mode.

Tripod Mode is a mode where you can get up to 50 seconds of super long exposure and take more professional night view photos with the help of a photography tripod. That way you can take much better night shots.

Whereas Ultra Nightscape Mode: Realme has added Ultra Nightscape to help you capture real night scenes. Even in the low light environment of 1 Lux, you can take clear, bright and high quality night pictures.

Front and rear cameras Realme 6 Pro supports a variety of trendy and fun video features. With the UIS Video Stabilization, Ultra Wide-angle Video, Real-time Bokeh Effect Video and 1080P / 120fps slo-mo video recording.

On the back camera features such as UIS Video stabilization, Max UIS Video stabilization, Ultra Wide-angle Video, Real-time Bokeh Effect Video, 4K / 30fps video recording and 1080P / 120fps slo-mo video recording.

Other features

For multimedia features the Real Pro 6 comes with super linear dual speakers. This device supports Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res Sound Quality which penetrates audio limits for a better listening experience. Realme 6 Pro supports dual frequency L1 + L5 GPS. Compared to phones that only support one GPS frequency band, Realme 6 Pro can provide more precise positioning services in cities when you use navigation services. This feature also supports NaVIC positioning services.


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