Gojek and Halodoc Launch Corona Virus Online Telemedicine Service Innovation


Gadgetren – Amid the corona virus outbreak which has now reached 579 positive numbers in Indonesia, the Gojek online transportation service platform in collaboration with the Halodoc health technology service is striving to deliver the telemedicine Check COVID-19 service.

This service was presented to strengthen the efforts of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to deal with the corona virus outbreak by providing access to online consultations with doctors about the health conditions and symptoms of the corona virus to the public without the need to leave home.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is an extraordinary event that requires close collaboration between the government and the private sector,” said Drg. Oscar Primadi, MPH., Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Health in a press release received by the Gadgetren Team (03/22/2020).

If you have symptoms of the corona virus, you as a user can consult through the Halodoc application with a trusted doctor. Then you will be helped to get the corona virus test schedule at the government referral hospital.

For matters of cost, you don't need to worry, right now Halodoc is providing a free consultation service for general practitioners of the corona virus. The hope is that the COVID-19 Check telemedicine service can support the government to focus more on treating corona virus patients with moderate to severe symptoms who need hospital care.

The presence of this online corona virus consultation service is unmitigated because it has been supported by more than 20,000 licensed and experienced doctors in the Halodoc ecosystem. This collaboration has been marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) today in Jakarta.

The telemedicine Check COVID-19 service from Halodoc is available as a shuffle card in the Gojek application. You as a Gojek application user can choose the Check COVID-19 shuffle card in the Gojek application view and will immediately be directed to the COVID-19 Check service on the Halodoc application.

    MoU Goal Halodoc Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia

Users can then use the COVID-19 Check on the Halodoc application to consult about the health symptoms that are being experienced and conduct a “self-assessment” or self-examination related to COVID-19.

Kevin Aluwi as Co-CEO of Gojek Group said that Gojek has a commitment to be at the forefront in preventing the spread of COVID-19 to ensure the safety and health of the Indonesian people.

“Through this collaboration with Halodoc and the Indonesian Ministry of Health, we not only disseminate various educational content for COVID-19 prevention but also open access to millions of Indonesians to conduct initial inspection of COVID-19,” he said.

Jonathan Sudarta as CEO of Halodoc said that such a situation requires a breakthrough that can make it easier for the community to ensure their health.

“When this disease began to spread since the beginning of last year, Halodoc as the leading health technology platform continued to optimize our technology ecosystem to facilitate the needs of the community to anticipate the risk of COVID-19 from upstream to downstream,” he said.

Thus, the initial inspection system brought by the Halodoc platform in the Gojek application will help screen people who have been exposed to low, medium to high COVID-19 risks.


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