Samsung Launches Advanced Jet Vacuum Cleaner – Samsung Electronics officially introduces the latest line of Samsung Jet ™ wireless vacuum cleaner sticks, together with its companion Clean Station ™, which can provide the best home cleaning solution from start to finish. The latest Samsung Jet ™ can produce suction power up to 200W (150W for Samsung Jet Light ™). Samsung's newest cleaning product will be launched in Southeast Asia in March, followed by the US, Europe, China and CIS regions.

Samsung Launches Jet Vacuum Cleaner

“We are strongly committed to creating a vacuum cleaner that offers a different cleaning experience for consumers, which is perfectly realized in the Samsung Jet ™ series,” said Eugene Chung, Vice President of Global Product Management Group, Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics. “In addition to Samsung Jet's powerful suction capabilities, this device has been designed to be lightweight, increasing the convenience of our users to enjoy easy-to-use Jet features.”

Excellent cleaning solution

Samsung Jet's superior capabilities are made possible by the presence of Digital Inverter Motor and the Cyclone Jet system. The Digital Inverter Motor incorporates an ultrasonic cover and diffuser that optimizes air flow. This enables Samsung Jet ™ to maintain the high level of energy efficiency needed to produce significant suction power. Meanwhile, the Jet Cyclone system has nine cyclone separate, each with inlet 3-way multi-air to minimize loss of suction while capturing fine dust particles that are sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Users can also do longer cleaning with high capacity Samsung Jet batteries. This long-lasting battery answers consumers' need for a reliable vacuum cleaner with a suction power of up to one hour. And because the battery can be easily removed and replaced with a spare battery, users can clean up to two hours in one session if needed.

Samsung Jet ™ is also equipped with a variety of highly efficient motorized brushes that provide a variety of cleaning solutions to suit the lifestyle, cleaning habits, and varied types of consumer floors.

Hygienic features for healthy living habits

Samsung Jet's best-in-class HEPA 5 Filtration System reflects Samsung's commitment to ensuring the safety and health of its users. Verified and certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF), this qualified filter captures 99.999 percent dust particles and allergens which will normally fly back into the air through vacuum discharge, thus making the room cleaner.

Washable Dustbin and One Click Detachable Brush Drum on Samsung Jet are also hygienic and easy maintenance features because they can be washed completely without fuss. The dust container can be removed easily, so the user can simply remove the dust and wash all the parts of the container for thorough cleaning. Rotating drum located on the head of the vacuum cleaner can also be removed with just one click, to then be washed separately as well.

A clean and easy disposal solution

The newly launched Clean Station ™ is an innovative dust removal solution that automatically empties the Samsung Jet dust collector so users can more easily manage their Samsung Jet ™. Clean Station ™ utilizes a very sophisticated dust filtering system that prevents dust from flying everywhere while removing dust collected from the vacuum cleaner tube.

The user only needs to place the dust container above the Clean Station ™ which will automatically empty the container contents. Clean Station ™ also has an Anti-Dust Emitting Structure that has been verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to prevent ultrasonic dust from being released back into the air when the dust collector is emptied. The airtight design inhibits emissions 400 times more than conventional dust collectors. It also has a 5 Tier HEPA Filtration System that captures 99.999 percent fine dust particles, ensuring indoor air is purer.

Clean Station ™ is also equipped with Air Pulse Technology, which vibrates the air in the dust reservoir to release trapped dust. The dust is then collected in a micro bag inside the machine, which is easily replaced every two to three months.

Comfortable and easy design

Samsung Jet ™ combines various aspects of features and design that makes the cleaning process easier. For example, the integrated digital display shows the machine's status, such as power level and brush type. This display also reminds the user if there is a problem or a blockage in the brush. This helps the user maintain the vacuum cleaner in optimal conditions.

Samsung Jet's 2-in-1 Charging Station can be adapted to a variety of lifestyles by allowing users to more easily store and charge vacuum cleaners. The charging station can now be mounted on a wall, so users who need to save space can take advantage of this option. This charger can also be used extensively stand alone for more flexible storage.

Samsung Jet's lightweight design ensures maximum usability and reduces the burden on the user's wrist. The device weighs only 1.66kg for Jet ™ and 1.48kg for Jet Light ™. This makes 12 percent and 21 percent lighter than conventional cleaners, respectively.


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