5 Ways to Dark Mode Xiaomi All Types: No ROOT

How to Dark Mode Xiaomi – For you fans who always update about the development of the world of technology, especially smartphones are certainly familiar with the term Dark Mode or Night Mode. For lovers of Xiaomi mobile phones or often also called Mi Fans who want to taste the dark mode on their smartphone is actually not difficult. There are several ways to enjoy dark mode on Xiaomi phones.

Using the dark mode feature will make your cellphone look black in some menus. Call it in the settings, themes, calls, Instagram and others will be seen using a black background. With the appearance of the cell phone to be a black theme will clearly save battery consumption.

The dark mode feature itself can also be enjoyed on various smartphone screens. Not only Xiaomi Mobile with Super Amoled Screen only those who can use this feature. Because Xiaomi phones that use IPS screens can also still enjoy the latest Xioami features on this one.

Using dark mode in Xiaomi phones there are several ways. This time, Xiaomidev will give you some easy tutorials so that Fans can enjoy the dark mode feature on their Xiaomi mobile. No need to use the latest MIUI version to be able to enjoy the dark mode feature. Here is the easiest way to get to Xiaomi Mode.

How to Dark Mode Xiaomi

To make a Xiaomi smartphone in its own dark Mode it's quite easy. However, this method can only be effective if your Xiaomi cell phone is already at least in the Android 9 Pie System and also has MIUI 10 or 11. If the mandatory requirements can be fulfilled, your smartphone will automatically enjoy the dark mode or mode.The Xiaomi Dark Mode Tutorial

  1. Enter the Settings or Settings Menu
  2. Continue to the Screen or Display Menu
  3. Directly tap Dark Mode or Dark Mode
  4. Tap activate then the display will automatically change to dark mode
  5. Done

In this menu, in addition to changing the display to the dark menu, Mi Fans can also make settings when the smartphone goes into dark mode. With this feature, it will be easier for my friend who wants to save on smartphone battery consumption at night or during the day depending on the schedule made.

It's not easy to activate the dark mode on the Xiaomi mobile phone, for those of you who haven't gotten Android 9 or Miui 10 or above, can also enjoy dark mode by using a dark theme. Mi fans can use “How to Install Third Party Themes“To be able to enjoy the dark mode features using themes. Similarly, XIAOMIDEV information about the Xiaomi Dark Mode this time may be useful.


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