22 Ways to Delete a Mi Account That Is Locked, Forgot Password and Email

How to delete Mi account actually quite easy, but what if you forget your password and email? Well, many times the Xiaomi cellphone users want to delete the Mi account from their smartphone, but they forget the password or e-mail so that they have difficulty in deleting the Mi account or it can be said as an Xiaomi account.

Well, the Xiaomi smartphone has a Cloud feature called Mi Cloud. This feature will automatically backup photos or videos stored in internal memory. Not only that, Mi Cloud also stores contact information, notes, recordings, and has a device search feature.

The function of the Mi Cloud account is very important for Xiaomi smartphone users. But often times Xiaomi mobile users do not take advantage of these features, and only just to login. Now when you want to sell mobile phones, the Mi account that is logged in must be deleted so that the stored data can be lost.

Xiaomi mobile phone also cannot be reset if there is still a synchronized Mi account. Although it's quite annoying, but this feature is very useful when the phone is lost. Because when a lost cellphone is reset by someone without first deleting the Mi account, then the cellphone cannot automatically be opened.

The average mobile thief throws a hard reset so that the stolen cellphone can be sold immediately. Now if there is still a Mi account that is logged in, then don't expect to be able to open a smartphone that is hard reset, because it's locked immediately.

If it's locked, then the only way to unlock Xiaomi's cellphone is to enter your MI account password. Of course this will be a disaster for mobile thieves. But what if the case happens to us?

Why Xiaomi Mobile Can be Locked?

How to Delete a Mi Account Forgot Password / Password

Usually the case of Xiaomi cellphones locked occurs because of doing hard research or flash back, but forgot to log out or delete the Mi account first. Now if you forget your MI account password, then the cellphone will not be able to be opened.

There are some how to delete Mi account forgot password and email. The method that is often used is by bypass. But this method is quite dangerous, so we don't recommend it. Then how is it safe? Now to find out how to delete a locked Mi account Forgot your password and email, please see below.

1. How to Delete a Mi Account Forgot Password

If you only forget your password, but still remember your email address or cellphone number, you can try to delete the Mi account and forget the following password.

  1. First, please open the address https://account.xiaomi.com/ from mobile or computer / laptop.
  2. Once open, then click on the words “Forgot PasswordHow to Delete a Forgotten Mi Account
  3. The next step is to reset the password by entering the address E-mail or No cellphone, then click next. Reset Mi Account Password
  4. Then the system will send a verification code to the email that we entered. Please click “SEND” Then we must enter the captcha code, then click again “SEND” and the system will automatically send a verification code to the email.
  5. The next step is to open the email, and you will get a verification code. Please copy the code. Email Verification Mi Account
  6. Then enter the verification code to the previous page.Then Enter the Verification Code
  7. After that we just need to reset the new password. Then click “SENDReset Mi Account Password
  8. After getting a new password, then we just have to log into the MI account that was previously locked using a new password.
  9. If the mobile phone has been successfully opened, then we can then delete the Mi account from the smartphone by entering the Settings or Settings menu, then selecting the Mi Account menu. Now on the Mi Account menu there will be an exit menu. Then lik the choice “Exit“Or”Sign out“So that the Mi account can be deleted from the smartphone.How to Exit Mi AccountNow that's the way to delete the Mi account, forget the password. Please follow each of the steps above so that you can unlock a locked cellphone by entering the reset password.

2. How to delete a locked and forgotten email account

If just forgetting your password is easy enough, as long as you still remember your email address or mobile number that was used to create a Mi account. But the question now is, how do you delete a locked Mi account and you forget your e-mail address? Even though an email or mobile number is needed to reset the password.

You don't need to worry if you want to delete your Mi account that forgot your email or mobile number. Because Xiaomi provides an Application for unlocking that can be a solution to overcome Mi Lock. As for the way please refer to below.

  1. As for how to delete a locked Mi account, please visit the site https://i.mi.com/. Then at the bottom click on the “Unlock Request“Or direct”CLICK HEREI “Request to Unlock Xiaomi
  2. Next we have to choose “Unlock RequestUnlock Mi Account
  3. After that, information will appear that to unlock a locked Xiaomi cellphone requires identification and proof of purchase of the handphone. So if you can't prove that the locked cellphone is yours, then don't expect to delete your MI account this way. After that, click the “START” button
  4. To prove that the Xiaomi cellphone that will be unlocked is a privately owned cellphone, then you must secure the key number or IMEI and country of purchase. To find out the IMEI number, you can see it on the back of the dusbook. Please enter the IMEI number and select the country of Indonesia. Then click “Next
  5. Then select “Skip it
  6. Then we have to fill in the form regarding purchasing a smartphone. You must fill in where to buy a smartphone, then fill in the Order number. When buying an Xiaomi cellphone at mi.com then this process will be much easier. But if you don't buy it on mi.com, then you can try uploading photos of the packaging box (dusbook) and uploading the purchase service. After that click “Next
  7. The next step is to enter the phone number then you will get a verification code sent via SMS. Please enter the SMS verification code into the field provided, and click “Nextveification SMS Account Forgotten Email
  8. After following the steps above, the unlock application has been completed. Xiaomi will review the request within 3 working days and will send the results via SMS to the number that we entered the cellphone number we previously entered.
  9. If the request for unblock submission is successful, then we will get an SMS as below.
  10. After getting a reply SMS, then we just enter the SIM card, and connect the smartphone to the network and Xiaomi cellphones that are locked can be re-used.

If you experience problems The device that is assembled with this key number is unlocked, then you can try connecting your locked cellphone to the internet or a SIM card that has a data plan. To find out the lock number, you can tap 10 times on the locked device until a lock code will appear at the bottom.

After successfully unlocking a locked Xiaomi cellphone, then we just have to delete the MI account in the way above. The way that we convey can also be a solution for those who are confused how to open a locked Xiaomi phone, because the method is the same.

3. How to Delete a Permanent Mi Account

How to Permanently Delete a Mi Cloud Account

We can not only delete Mi accounts from smartphones, but also can delete them permanently. However, if it is permanently deleted, all data contained in Mi Cloud will also be deleted, such as photos, contacts, notes, etc. If there is no problem with that, then please refer to how to delete the Permanent Mi account below.

  1. Please open the browser, then open the following address https://account.Xiaomi.com/pass/del/
  2. Then log in to the MI account that will be deleted by entering your email and password. Then click Enter or Login.
  3. After that a pop up will appear about the consequences of deleting the Mi account which says that all the data connected to the Mi account will be deleted permanently and cannot be recovered. If you are sure of that, then click on the words “Yes, I want to permanently delete my Mi Account and all its data.“Until the check mark appears, then click”Delete Mi Account

We cannot delete a Mi account on a locked smartphone, so before deleting a Mi account permanently, you must first open it in the manner we have stated above. However, if the handphone's position is unlocked, you can immediately delete your Mi account permanently.

All problems on Xiaomi mobile phones can be resolved by following each tutorial that is delivered xiaomidev.com. However, this information about how to delete a locked Mi account may the information we convey is useful for all Xiaomi smartphone users in Indonesia.


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