How To Minimize Youtube In The Latest Xiaomi 2020

How to minimize Youtube on Xiaomi – Not long ago Youtube just introduced its newest feature, picture-in-picture (PiP). Where with this feature will allow users to watch Youtube in a small window on a smartphone device. Also you can run other applications simultaneously by running Youtube at the same time.

The convenience offered by Youtube can also be enjoyed by us Xiaomi smartphone users. This convenience will be felt even more if the fans have used the MIUI 11 system and also Android 10. For those of you who are still using the old android system or MIUI, you can also use Minimaze to watch Youtube.

Besides using the PIP feature that has been provided by Youtube, fans can also use the special features of Xiaomi, the Split Screen. Where this feature will be able to run two applications simultaneously in one screen where the screen will automatically split into two. This convenience is one of the special features of Xiaomi that fans can not get on other smartphones.

How to Minimize Youtube on Xiaomi MIUI 11

These two methods can be used by fans later to be able to watch YouTube while playing other social media. It is also very suitable for you who like to watch Live Streaming of your Favorite Shows. Here Xiaomidev has summarized a review on how to minimize Youtube on Xiaomi that fans must know.

1. Picture In Pitcure

How to minimize Youtube on Xiaomi

The first way that is mandatory for mi fans to try is by Picture in Picture which is quite easy. But with a note to use this method mi fans must watch Youtube in a browser like Google Chrome. Because until now the Youtube application does not support this feature directly.

  1. Open the Google Chrome Application on the Xiaomi Smartphone
  2. Enter Youtube
  3. Search for the video to be played proceed with making Full Screen by clicking the lower right corner of Full Display
  4. After the video is successfully played, continue to press the home button
  5. If it is true automatically Video will be able to play on the front screen and mi fans can run also other applications such as IG, Wa, Facebook and several other applications.
  6. To make a big video again, fans can touch the video and click full screen

This method is a special feature from YouTube and can be used on various smartphones other than Xiaomi. Meanwhile, to make Youtube from the main screen, you just drop the video view to the bottom where it will disappear automatically. Mi Fans who still use MIUI under 11 can also still use the Picture in Picture feature.

2. Split screen

How to Minimize Youtube on the Latest Xiaomi

Special features of the Xiaomi mobile phone are indeed many, one of which is the split screen feature. Where this feature allows users to share the screen of their smartphone to watch Youtube videos and another open another application. Unlike the way Picture in picture this feature will divide the screen wider to watch Youtube Videos. Here is how.

  1. Enter the Home Button menu
  2. Later you will see what applications are open or currently running
  3. Continue with the Split Screen tap on the top left of your smartphone
  4. Then select the Youtube application, then drag it to the top until the Video appears
  5. At the bottom of the mi fans can open several other applications such as Facebook and Instagram

The split screen itself has been around since Miui 9 and can be used on any type of Xiaomi smartphone that is already in MIUI 9 and above. This method is very simple and will make it easier for us to watch videos while playing other social media like Whatsaap and also Instagram.

Here you go, some easy ways you can use to watch Youtube videos with a split screen and also this picture pictur where it will be easier for fans of fans who are already running on MIUI 11. Such reviews Xiaomidev this time about “How to Minimize Youtube on Xiaomi” Hopefully this can be useful.


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