3 Easy Ways to Change Language on Xiaomi Cellphones to Indonesian

Easy Ways to Change Language on Xiaomi Mobile Phones – As we already know, Xiaomi is one of the most popular android smartphones in Indonesia. Not only is the performance of a cool cellphone, but for the price offered by the manufacturer of the Xiaomi brand mobile phone is also fairly cheap and affordable.

Xiaomi itself is a smartphone brand from China that has launched many mobile products in the country. Call it the Xiaomi Black Shark which is one of the gaming smartphones from Xiaomi that is in great demand by Xiaomi Xiaomi consumers in the country. In addition, there is also the Xiaomi Note 10 which is the latest Xiaomi mobile phone that has been equipped with a camera lens with a resolution of 108 Mp.

In Indonesia, the Xiaomi brand mobile phone is indeed quite successful in stealing the attention of consumers in the country. Not without reason, Xiaomi does have hardware specifications that are very pervasive, in addition to a price tag that is quite affordable will also be a major advantage of cellphones from China.

Meanwhile, when you buy this phone there are times when the default language setting is not Indonesian. So surely you will change the language used on the cellphone so that you are easier and better understand the language used on this phone. Well, to make it easier the following is an easy way to change the language on Xiaomi Xiaomi to Indonesian.

Easy Ways to Change Language on Xiaomi Mobile Phones

When we buy a cellphone with the Xiaomi brand often the default language is not Indonesian. So for those of you who don't know English, of course you will be confused when using the phone. Well, to make it easier for you to use the cellphone you will definitely change the language that is on the cellphone to Indonesian.

But to change the language on the Xiaomi Mobile is indeed not as easy as you think. Moreover, the default language on this Xiaomi mobile phone is English which may be very difficult for you to understand. Now, to change English to Indonesian, you can follow a number of methods below easily and quickly.

1. You can directly enter the menu Settings, then you scroll down until you find the menu Additional Settings. Maybe the location of this setting menu can be different on every smartphone, but generally in MIUI is on the front screen.


2. Next on the next screen there will be an option Language & input, then you can choose an option Lenguage.

Additional Settings

3. Next on the Language list there will be several language options. And please choose the language you want. If you choose Indonesian, then choose Indonesian. Then confirm the selection by clicking the button Ok on the screen.


Well, to change English to Indonesian on the Xiaomi Mobile is indeed quite easy. But if you don't know how, of course you will be quite confused. In addition, if you don't understand English you will be very confused when fiddling with the smartphone.

And by following a number of ways above you should no longer be confused when changing the language on your Xioami Cellphone. In addition, by using the Indonesian language on the Xiaomi smartphone that you just bought, surely you will be more free in fiddling with your Xiaomi smartphone.

Basically, to change the language on your Xiaoami phone is fairly easy, the article is you just enter the settings menu and look for the Lenguage option. After that, there will be a list of languages ‚Äč‚Äčlisted on your Xiaomi cellphone and you can choose Indonesian if you want to change English to Indonesian.

Well guys this is the information that we can convey hopefully this information can be useful for all of you. And do not forget to continue to see the reviews of the latest articles from XiaomiDev.com regarding the latest Xiaomi Mobile Price and the features available on Xiaomi Mobile. Thus the information from us and thank you.


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