6 Ways to Delete Google Accounts on Xiaomi All Types of Mobile Phones

How to delete a Google account on Xiaomi very easy. Because we only need a few steps until the Google account is completely detached from Xiaomi's cellphone. But you need to remember, that all data connected to a Google account will also be deleted, such as phone numbers, contacts, game settings, and files stored in Google Drive.

The function of a Google account on Xiaomi Mobile is very important indeed. Without a Google account, we cannot access Play Store, Gmail, Google Drivers, Google Maps, and various other Google services that have been automatically installed on Xiaomi phones when we first bought them.

You could say Xiaomi's cell phone is nothing without Google Mobile Service. Try to imagine that Xiaomi has the same fate as Huawei, which currently cannot use Google Mobile Service. Of course smartphone functionality will not be optimal, because some popular applications require Google Mobile Service.

Since its function is very important, Google account security must be maintained. Especially in a Google account, important data must be stored that must be kept private. But sometimes we have to delete the Google account on the Xiaomi cellphone because of the reason the cell phone is going to be sold or replaced.

If the account is not deleted when the cellphone is sold, then other people can see all important data that is synchronized to the Google account. Of course you often hear cases of personal photos or private videos that leaked on the Internet. Usually this happens because the cellphone owner forgot to delete the Google account when selling his cellphone.

Reflecting on the case above, then don't forget to delete your Google account on Xiaomi before you sell it. Now the question is, how do I delete the Google account on Xiaomi? For those who don't know how, please refer to information xiaomidev.com the following.

The easiest way to delete a Google account on Xiaomi

For those of you who don't know how to delete a Google account on a Xiaomi cellphone, please follow each of the steps we submit below.

  1. The first step is to enter the menu Settings or Settings
  2. Then open the menu Account & Sync (MIUI 11). As for MIUI 10, the menu is SyncHow to Delete a Google Account on Xiaomi Redmi 4X
  3. Then choose GoogleHow To Remove Google From Xiaomi Mobile Phone
  4. Then choose Gmail account which will be deleted
  5. After that tap the three dot icon at the bottom and select Remove Account or Remove AccountHow to delete Google on Xiaomi
  6. After that a confirmation will appear that the Google account will be deleted

Now that's step by step how to delete a Google account on Xiaomi. The way that we said above is very easy and we are sure all Xiaomi cellphone users can try it. Oh yeah, the deleted account can be used again on another smartphone or a new cellphone.

If the account is deleted, all the synchronized data will also be deleted, so don't be surprised if you later delete phone contacts. Because the phone number is usually synchronized automatically to a Google account.

Now that is information about how to delete Google accounts on Xiaomi. Please try the method above before selling your cellphone. Also check out a variety of other interesting information about Xiaomi smartphones, only at Xaomidev.com.


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