Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm Review: Simple Design, Cheaper Price

After launching the Honor Magic Watch 2 variant of 46mm in December, HONOR came Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm variants to the Indonesian market. The Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm has a smaller screen compared to the 46mm variant.

Having a smaller screen size at a cheaper price, what are the features and advantages? consider the following review.

Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm Review

First of all for the 42mm variant HONOR Magic Watch 2 Smartwatch to be used maximally, you must do the pairing process. This process is done via the Huawei Health application which can be downloaded at Play Store and App Store.

This application can be downloaded on all Android and iOS smartphone brands. HONOR Magic Watch 2 is compatible with both operating systems. So users don't have to use HONOR or Huawei smartphones to be able to enjoy this HONOR Magic Watch 2.

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The design

The Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm reviewed this time is the Agate Black or black version.

This smartwatch has a black rubber strap with quite a large selection of holes, so it can adjust to various types of wrist sizes.


Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm touch screen is AMOLED with a resolution of 390 × 390 pixels and measuring 1.2 inches. The resulting images are bright colors and clearly visible even outside the room (outdoor).

The UI animation is also relatively smooth compared to some other smartwatches on the market at a similar price.

For Watch Face, Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm variant has more than 20 Watch Faces that can be downloaded via the Huawei Health app.

However, this smartwatch can also use photos in the user's smartphone gallery as a watch face. This smartwatch also supports the Always On Display feature, where the clock screen will continue to light up.

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Battery Life

Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm has a smaller battery life compared to the 46mm variant. The 46mm variant can last up to 14 days, and the 42mm variant can be used for up to 7 days with a 1x charge.

But the price of the 42mm variant is also more affordable, and usage for 7 days with a 1x charge is long for a smartwatch with quite a lot of features. What are the features? Let's see.

Sports Features

This smartwatch can track up to 15 different types of sports. There are indoor sports such as indoor running, walking, cycling, and outdoor sports such as hiking, climbing, running, triathlon.

There are also swimming pools and open water, so the HONOR Magic Watch 2 42mm variant is waterproof. The water resistance rating is 5ATM, which is up to a depth of 50 meters.

There are also 13 running courses or running packages with different levels of difficulty and goals. From casual running to running to burn fat, the running package on HONOR Magic Watch 2 is designed with various running sessions to meet user needs. This device also has a built-in GPS, so it can be used to track outdoor sports without the need to connect to a smartphone.

Overall, the types of sports offered by HONOR Magic Watch 2 42mm are quite complete, because the variations are quite diverse and have types of sports that cannot be tracked by some other smartwatches.

Sports data that are displayed are also quite complete. From heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, to aerobic and anaerobic effects, even Vo2 Max.

Vo2 Max is very helpful for athletes who want to improve their performance, because it is an indicator of exercise intensity (judged by the level of oxygen consumption during a sports session).

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Health Features

As wearables, of course the 42mm Honor Magic Watch also has a fitness feature. This smartwatch features Heart Rate Tracker, Stress Tracker, and Sleep Tracker.

The heart rate displayed is quite accurate and the data is easily accessed. Simply swipe once to the left and the user can see a heart rate status chart for 24 hours at various different times.

With HUAWEI TruRelax ™ technology, this device can also measure the user's stress level for 24 hours, and reminds to relax once the stress level exceeds a certain limit. To relax, there is a breakthing exercise application on the watch that can calm down the user.

One unique fitness feature is the sleep tracker with HUAWEI TruSleep ™ technology. In addition to displaying sleep duration, HONOR Magic Watch 2 can display types of sleep, from light sleep, REM Sleep, to the number of times that you wake up.

This information is presented in a simple but comprehensive chart on the Huawei Health Application. In addition to the duration and type of sleep, at Huawei Health there are also suggestions for improving the user's sleep quality.

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Notification from Smartphone

Honor Magic Watch 2 42mm certainly has a notification feature. Once connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, notifications that appear on the smartphone can also be displayed on the watch.

Notification icons can also change depending on the application, so users can distinguish LINE, WhatsApp, Email, SMS and other notifications. Users can also reject calls from the smartwatch as soon as there is an incoming call.

This smartwatch also has features that are rarely owned by other smartwatch on the market, namely the ability to store music. HONOR Magic Watch 2 42mm variant has 4GB of internal memory, of which around 2GB can be used to store music! Music can be copied from a smartphone via the Huawei Health application.

Even though it doesn't have a built-in speaker like the 46mm variant, this 42mm variant can still play music stored on the watch, but it must be connected with a Bluetooth earphone first.

There are many other features of the HONOR Magic Watch 2 varan 42mm, such as displaying location and weather, timer and stopwatch features, torch, and Find My Phone that can ring the user's smartphone.


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