Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Price Is Not Lying – Even though it's no longer as excited as it used to be, the tablet market is still in demand. And this could be the reason Samsung launched the latest Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

Priced at Rp 11,999,000, the Galaxy Tab S6 seems to be the only Android tablet that represents the segment. If there are other products, and even then come from other operating system devices, such as iPad Pro or Surface. Well, on this occasion the Gadgets Squad did not discuss the matter of competing products, on the contrary here will be reviewed at length on the Galaxy Tab S6 tablet. So, please listen.

The design

As already revealed, in terms of price, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet is arguably not cheap. Fortunately, this seems to pay off if we look at the designs offered by Samsung for this flagship tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is packed with a 10.5 inch screen. Interestingly, this tablet screen has adopted an elongated ratio like the recent smartphone trend. Instead of looking boxed, with a 16:10 screen ratio, the Galaxy Tab S6 actually looks wide and elongated. While the thin bezel that surrounds the tablet screen, seems to have the same size.

For the material used, this tablet has used metal as a sanitary pad. This makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 very comfortable to hold, and of course the impression of luxury is also felt. Indentations in the body also makes the device feel comfortable to hold. So, when we use one hand with the other hand to hold the stylus it still feels easy to do and comfortable.

On the side of the device, you can find a number of important components belonging to the Galaxy Tab S6, such as a USB Type C port. This port is also useful for recharging tablet batteries and connecting to other devices, such as PCs, USB Type C ports on the Galaxy Tab S6 can also be used as a connection for users to listen to audio content through a headset. This is because the Galaxy Tab S6 is not accompanied by a 3.5 mm audio port, so the function is like being directly transferred to USB Type C. For the same thing, we can also use the default Galaxy Tab S6 speaker produced by AKG to listen to audio content, which is interesting again already supported by Dolby Atmos technology. Four speakers in the Galaxy Tab S6 are in each corner.

In addition to these components, we can also find a special connector on the left side. Through this connector we can connect the tablet to certain devices or accessories, can be with a keyboard cover or other.


In matters of display, as made by Samsung, let alone this tablet is a superior device, you can already guess what type of screen it uses. Yes, that's right, the Galaxy Tab S6 is blended with a Super AMOLED type screen that appears to dominate the front surface of the device.

Galaxy Tab S6 screen has a diagonal size of 10.5 inches and offers high resolution, which is 2560 x 1600 pixels or the term is called WQXGA. With this resolution, the content on the screen is presented very sharply. Not only that, armed with a Super AMOLED screen, the contrast presented is also quite high. So, in addition to being ready to spoil your eyes, with such a screen, the tablet is quite fun to use to accompany activities, including when used to watch movies.

For those who like to be creative, like drawing or coloring, the sharpness of the colors presented is also quite helpful for the activity.

As a brand-new device, the Galaxy Tab S6 also runs the latest UI with the Android 9 Pie operating system on it. With the new version of One UI, the tablet display is also neater and simpler. In the default version (tablet mode) the Galaxy Tab S6 menu display is similar to the interface on the Galaxy line smartphone made by Samsung.

Please note, in addition to tablet mode, Galaxy Tab S6 also offers what he calls the DeX mode. With this mode, users are allowed to enjoy the tablet's appearance like using a PC or desktop. While the 10.5-inch screen stretch also makes it fit for use as a laptop. This can be done, just plug it in with the Book Cover Keyboard accessory. Be this tablet like a portable mini nan portable and easy to carry.

Unfortunately, Book Cover Keyboard is not available in the Galaxy Tab S6 sales package. To get the official Galaxy Tab S6 accessor, users are required to spend an additional $ 1.5 million to make up for it.

If to get the Book Cover Keyboard we have to buy it separately, not so with the S-Pen. Bluetooth Low Energy technology stylus is already available in the sales package. S-Pen can be used like we hold a pencil or pen, of course with a number of features offered. There are also buttons on the S Pen, with which we can add certain functions to it.


Although not too much of a spotlight, it turns out that the presence of a camera on a tablet seems to still be available. Likewise in the Galaxy Tab S6, even though this device is not exactly small, it's still for users who like to take pictures, there is a camera to accommodate it.

No half-hearted Galaxy Tab S6 has been embedded in the rear dual-camera sensor with a configuration of 13 MP f / 2.0 as the main sensor and 5 MP f / 2.2 (ultrawide). As for the viewfinder on the front, the tablet is equipped with an 8 MP camera sensor with f / 2.0 aperture.

Armed with the camera features as mentioned above, the tablet shots are fairly adequate and have good quality. To record video, the viewfinder available on the back of the device is capable of taking moving pictures with a resolution of 2160p @ 30fps. For the front camera, video recording can also reach 1080p @ 30fps resolution.

Power Bang

In the case of a bang, Samsung doesn't seem to want to compromise. As if to provide guarantees to always be used for a variety of activities, this tablet is supported by top hardware specifications.

Sold at a price of almost Rp. 12 million, in its specifications sheet this tablet is supported with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset made with a 7nm manufacturing process. The configuration of this chipset consists of Octa-core (1 × 2.84 GHz Kryo 485 & 3 × 2.42 GHz Kryo 485 & 4 × 1.78 GHz Kryo 485) in tandem with the Adreno 640 graphics processor.

In addition to capable processor support, this tablet is also packed with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. So, for performance, this tablet can not be doubted. User activities, ranging from the standard or heavy, can be run smoothly without any interference.

Another thing that is no less interesting and important also in a device is the power supply sector. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a 7040 mAh battery. With that much battery capacity, this tablet also seems to be ready to provide relatively longer power consumption without the need to frequently fill it up.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 actually becomes the latest Android-based tablet that comes to target the top segments. You could say referring to the price, the Galaxy Tab S6 competes with other tablets with different operating systems. Without needing to be called the brand, you already know.

So, with a variety of interesting things it has, it is not difficult to say that the Galaxy Tab S6 is a favorite tablet candidate. Especially for those who want a premium tablet with the Android operating system in it. The price is relatively expensive also seems to be directly proportional to what it offers.


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