Redmi 8A Review: Forget Electric Plugs and Power Banks

GadgetSquad.ID – One of them is a classic problem of a smartphone, is in terms of durability. The problem of wasteful smartphone batteries, can indeed be slightly overcome by the existence of a power bank, it's just that not all consumers like to use a power bank.

This situation is what ultimately makes vendors, are now starting to compete in bringing smartphones with jumbo-sized batteries. One of the newest and still very fresh on the market is Xiaomi's newest hero, the Redmi 8A.

Comes with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, it is definitely a cell phone that has energy-resistant data above average. But, not only endurance is the main weapon of Redmi 8A to conquer the market.

Let me not be curious about the toughness of the Redmi 8A as a whole, see the full review below !!

The design
Before reviewing further about the battery, the design sector is the initial area that tries GadgetSquad explorers first. Physically the appearance of Redmi 8A looks cool. Redmi 8A exterior looks contemporary with the corners made oval. Redmi 8A is very compact when held, this is not separated from the rear body design that is made curved.

In addition, even though the body material is only plastic, Xiaomi cleverly provides a “Wave Grip Design” touch, so the Redmi 8A is not slippery when held in various activities. Overall Redmi 8A has a total dimension of 156.5 x 75.4 x 9.4 mm with a weight of 188 grams. Redmi 8A itself is available in 3 matte color variants, namely Midnight Black, Ocean Blue and Sunset Red.

Still a matter of design. Redmi 8A display that is “cool” can not be separated from the display technology embedded in this phone. Redmi 8A looks cool with a 6.22-inch IPS screen with HD + resolution. The look of the Redmi 8A's face is more up-to-date with a touch of waterdrop style notch, complete with the Redmi logo embedded in the bottom screen frame. During the testing process, the Redmi 8A screen was able to look excellent, the screen response to touch was also somewhat satisfying. Asiknya again, the Redmi 8A screen is equipped with a Gorilla Glass 5 layer, which is usually found in a variety of upper and middle phones

One of the mainstay features of Redmi 8A, of course, imaging facilities. To satisfy the desires of consumers who like to capture a variety of important moments, through mobile camera shots, Redmi 8A offers a main camera on the rear body with qualified specifications. The main camera of the Redmi 8A reaches 12MP with a lens sensor made by Sony, namely IMX363, which is usually present in premium intermediate devices. The camera is accompanied by a single LED flash placed at the bottom of the camera.

For selfie purposes, Redmi 8A spoil its users with an 8MP front camera. Asiknya again, it turns out that both the front and rear cameras Redmi 8A can take pictures with AI Portrait mode. How about the quality? in general the quality of the shots of the Redmi 8A camera does not disappoint. In normal light conditions, the images are clear and look natural. While in low light conditions, there is indeed a little noise but it's still within reasonable levels.

Other Menu
In addition to providing a universal 3.5mm jack port, which makes it easy for you when you want to listen to music from your favorite headphones, Redmi 8A also has another secret in the audio sector. Yup, for those of you who like to listen to music updates and the latest news from the radio, Redmi 8A apparently has embedded internal antenna technology. That is, if you want to play the radio, you do not need to plug headphones as an external antenna. Just press the on button, automatically you can listen to various interesting info from your favorite radio, as a friend goes through a routine that sometimes saturates.

Redmi 8A was deliberately made by Xiaomi, to strengthen its hegemony in cellphone battles in the lower middle segment. But in terms of performance, never underestimate Redmi 8A. During testing the performance of this phone is quite satisfying. In fact, when GadgetSquad tested its multitasking capabilities by opening several features together, Redmi 8A was still able to work well.

The promising performance of Redmi 8A cannot be separated from the composition of the kitchen spur which cannot be underestimated. The Redmi 8A runway is commanded by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor, and an octa-core chipset combined with 2GB of RAM. Redmi 8A also offers a dual SIM slot 2 + 1 with a special MicroSD slot so users can expand storage up to 512GB.

Battery and price
Now it's the turn of the quality of the Redmi 8A battery that will try GadgetSquad explorer. Battery capacity of up to 5000 mAh will certainly make you immediately fall in love with Xiaomi Redmi 8A. With a 5000 mAh battery, it is guaranteed that you will no longer be anxious to look for a source of electricity, while carrying out various activities accompanied by Redmi 8A. Even with a 5000 mAh battery the default load can be reduced, because there is no need to bother carrying a power bank.

When GadgetSquad tested it intensely, such as watching streaming shows, opening YouTube, Radio, playing music, to maximizing a variety of mainstay menus on Redmi 8A to support work activities for a full day, this phone battery is still around 30%. This indicates that the Redmi 8A battery is not only large, but also relatively economical.

Interestingly, to charge a 5000 mAh battery embedded in Redmi 8A, you don't need to take too long. Because the durability of the Redmi 8A sector, is already equipped with fast charging technology. Based on the data obtained, the fast charging technology in Redmi 8A reaches 18 Watts. Redmi 8A speed in recharging the battery, can not be separated from the presence of a USB Type-C port which is also one of the flagship facilities of this phone.

To get all the sophistication offered by Redmi 8A, consumers just need to spend Rp. 1,399,000. The surprise given by Redmi 8A does not stop at a price, because every consumer who buys a jumbo battery cellphone will get a warranty of up to 24 months. The Xiaomi claims, Redmi 8A is the first cellphone that has a warranty of up to 24 months.

Redmi 8A is the latest proof of Xiaomi, if the manufacturer from China is indeed skilled in producing qualified mobile phones with quality like top-level mobile phones, but the selling value does not make the bag burst. Another thing that needs to be highlighted, the quality of the power of Redmi 8A makes it no longer necessary for its users to become “friends” of electricity and power banks.


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