Realme 5 Pro vs Vivo V17 Pro, Which is More Worth Buying? – In September, two phones with the suffix Pro that feature the Quad Camera feature in middle class phones will be rivals in 2019. Reality first brought Realme 5 Pro to the Indonesian market a few days ago by bringing a number of advantages to the camera sector. One of the advantages is the 48MP Quad Camera. And most interestingly, the cellphone is sold at an affordable price, only under 4 million rupiah.

But Vivo also does not want to lose, because they will soon be releasing the next cellphone from the V series, which is named V17 Pro. Cellphone Vivo with 6 cameras It will also rely on a 48MP Quad Camera plus a dual pop-up selfie camera, but the selling price is still unknown launch of Vivo V17 Pro will only be launched on 23 September 2019.

Both phones are middle-class phones, and mid-range phones are being filled with various players. In this class generally filled with mobile phones that have superior features such as those found on flagship phones. And if we look at the specifications, Realme 5 Pro and Vivo V17 come with fairly comparable specifications. Then which is more worth buying? let's compare the advantages of the two phones.

Design: Current Design Concepts, But Not Identical
In both of these phones in terms of design, Realme 5 Pro and Vivo V17 Pro have the latest design concepts but are not identical. Realme 5 Pro still uses a distinctive design as used realme 3 Pro. Whereas the Vivo V17 Pro is similar to the X realm design.

Using polycarbonate material, both V17 Pro and Real Pro 5 have a sparkle on the body thanks to the shiny color gradation. Accents like this give the impression of luxury and elegance, it's just that in the Pro 5 realm there are special characteristics. Not just a top and bottom two-color gradation game, in Realme 5 Pro there are also motifs like crystal, especially in the lower back.

Whereas the V17 Pro comes simpler with a gradation of two colors above and below without special motifs.
However, both of them are comfortable to grip, because the back sides are both made curved so it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. Differences are also seen in the location of the Quad Camera, the Real Pro 5 pair lined the camera in the upper left and Vivo V17 Pro on one side to install it in the middle. Honestly, we prefer to put the camera on the side, because when held this camera is not easily held by fingers. If in the middle, the camera is easily touched by the hand so the lens becomes dirty quickly.

But the advantages Vivo V17 Pro has a pop up camera like it Realm Xwhile the Real Pro 5 uses dewdrop bangs. For this matter depends on your preference, which one you like. If you like a compact design then it would be better to use a bangs design in realm. Moreover, the Real 5 Pro has durability with a design that is resistant to splashes of water, V17 Pro has not.

Screen: Difference in Screen Technology Used
The IPS LCD panel was chosen to be the Real Pro 5 screen type. Whereas V17 Pro uses a Super AMOLED panel.

The size is also different, the Vivo V17 Pro uses a 6.44-inch screen while the Real Pro 5 6.3 inches. Each gives its own advantages and different preferences in each user.

The camera part is the most attractive sector, because the two cellphones have the advantage in this section. As mentioned before, the Vivo V17 Pro comes with a 32MP dual pop-up front camera. And for the rear camera installed four cameras, each with a resolution of 48MP as the main camera, 8MP as a wide lens camera, 13MP as a portrait camera, and 2MP for a depth camera.

Vivo V17 Pro Camera

As for the Real 5 Pro, this phone has a simpler front camera of 16MP. For the rear camera, Real Pro 5 uses a Quad Camera with a main camera setup of 48MP, 8MP wide lens camera, 2MP macro lens, and 2MP lens depth.

Camera Realme 5 Pro

The main camera has the advantage when dealing with minimal lighting conditions. Through a mode called Nightscape, the camera will be arranged in such a way when aiming at objects in the dark by relying on artificial intelligence technology or AI. So the results that will be obtained are bright, clear night photos with balanced contrast. And what makes it superior to Quad Camera in Realme 5 Pro is the existence of a macro lens camera that can be used to capture small details on the desired object.

Batteries: Energy Efficient Battery Use with Fast Charging Technology
Vivo V17 Pro is equipped with a capacity of 4100mAh battery, as well as the reality of the 5 Pro with a capacity of 4035mAh. Because each of them uses a processed interface, for this part they have succeeded in suppressing excessive power suctioning. This results in the savings of both batteries so that they can last all day.

VOOC Flash Charge 3.0

As an added value, both also carry technology fast charging. But the reality of Pro 5 comes more specifically. A popular fast charging technology called VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 is carried on the phone. With the power of a 20W cas using a built-in accessory, the battery can be charged from empty to full in under 90 minutes.

Conclusion: Equal Rival
Vivo V17 Pro and Realme 5 Pro present as a pretty worthy rival. Both carry a number of the latest features, as well as a display that goes with the times. There are a number of differences, for example the dual V17 Pro camera on the front. While the Real 5 Pro is superior in chipset usage. Also a camera with a macro lens which is rarely found for cellphones in its class.

Then the difference will be in terms of price. Vivo V17 Pro is still unknown, it's just that Vivo not a vendor who likes to sell products at affordable prices. Unlike the 5 Pro realm that is sold at a price of under four million. So when viewed from the price point of view, clearly the reality of Pro 5 will be a more worthy candidate to have for you who have 3 million funds.


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